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China Invades India’s Manufacturing Sectors

Last Sunday, I had to go to buy fruits and vegetables from the weekly bazaar that comes up near our house in Noida on the road, as Yamuna was sick. I was stunned to find apples from China along with … Continue reading

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Corporate India’s Rural Strategies

Many bigger business houses in India are taking rural initiatives for getting into enormously large market of CK Prahalad’s ‘the bottom of the pyramid’ as well as to carry out their social responsibility. Rural India is having more than 742 … Continue reading

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CM’s Janata Durbar Can Bring Necessary Social Changes Too

The news items emanating from the Janata Durbar of Nitish Kumar are sometimes exhilarating and heartening. Further, I heard Nitish Kumar is also visiting all the district headquarters as a means of routine contact with ‘aam aadami’ to have a … Continue reading

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Rama and Krishna- Epic Characters or Historical Greats

Atul Sethi had a feature in Sunday Times of India last week- ‘True Legends?’ For many years, I faced the questions and asked too: Were Rama and Krishna just the legendary characters of the epics credited to Valmiki and Ved … Continue reading

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Organized Retail Sector And Manufacturing

It was shocking and sometimes, humiliatingly depressing to read a news item such as ‘Forget batteries & toys, it’s now Chinese kirpan’ that was put in by Alokparna Das in ‘The Times of India’ of March 13. Immaculate in its … Continue reading

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Ministers Promise, Bureaucrats Obstruct, Media Collaborate

The finance promised to upgrade ITIs. He also promised to repair and renovate all the water bodies spread all over the country in his first budget in 2004. He promises again for the same two items in this budget without … Continue reading

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Champaner- The World Heritage

I was uncomfortable physically after returning to Vadodara from the planned pilgrimage. But with two days in waiting to return after Holi, I made it a point to accompany Yamuna, Bibha, and Ashok to Pavagadh. They were interested in Mahakalika … Continue reading

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