Shocking Media statement from manufacturers

Today one media report mostly dealing with auto manufacturers shocked me. I was surprised that in last 21 days, these well known auto- manufacturers were all enjoying without working on the different possible strategies to open in staggered manner after the government allows to open with some restrictions and conditions. Even in a company like Hindustan Motors that is dead so far auto making is concerned, I as chief of manufacturing faced this type of forced lock down because labour unIon and sudden floods, turning many of the departments in components manufacturing and thousands of machine requiring total drying up and maintenance services. I used to call my senior managers and plan how we would restore and start running the plants in quickest time. What should be our priority areas that must be attained with priority the urgent most first and the rest gradually. We did not have any mobile phone with possibilities of having all plant data in it.

With today’s infrastructure, every thing could have been planned by these auto OEMs, their vendors, and other service providers. Even every needed workmen could have been contacted and kept in knowledge of the companies’s strategies. How can these manufacturers with so little direct manpower employed because of the automation and other aiding equipment be remain in hold mood for almost four weeks? Let the government make them take their own decision. This must be expected for all the companies in such business. It is height of irresponsibility that the executives so huge salary packs were enjoying the lockdown as their providential off. It gives a very poor taste of the level of the national and ethical responsibility in all positions.

With so less manpower and automation is easier to maintain as discipline. Conveyor line workers’ inter- distance can be increased or they can work in multi-shift if required. I shall like the technocrats to note and react. I shall be ready to answer some questions if some from these industries poses to me to my best ability.

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