Make in India: Some New Developments

Make-in-India & Nuclear Plants

Why did India sleep on its own nuclear programme so long? India could have focused on R&D, continuous improvements, manufacturing and setting up of nuclear power plants of its own design in all these years as it did on space research through ISRO. By now the percentage on clean nuclear power in overall power generation capacity would have been significant. It would have made India stronger in negotiating on all fora for collaborating for nuclear energy related subjects and issues. It is a great idea that the government of Modi has finally taken an unprecedented excellent decision to go for “the 10 PHWR units in a fleet mode as a fully indigenous initiative and be one of the flagships ‘Make in India’ projects in the nuclear energy sector. This will also give manufacturing orders to the tune of Rs 70,000 crores to the domestic industry and create over 33,400 jobs in direct and indirect employment.” A PHWR uses natural Uranium as fuel and heavy water as both moderator and coolant. The natural Uranium for these reactors can be sourced from Tummallapalla in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. It is a shame for the governments, the present total installed nuclear power capacity in the country is of 6780 MW from 22 operational plants. Another 6700 MWs of nuclear power is expected to come onstream by 2021-22 through several under-construction projects. It must not remain a political announcement only of Modi. It will require the government to put the best team of Indians – scientists, technocrat managers, designers, reliable vendors for all major components and aggregation and with a mission to be the best with competition. Will Modi make India great peace loving nuclear power? Will some Indian deep pocket capable company or a consortium of it think of acquiring company with access to technology such as Westinghouse-Toshiba presently in financial difficulty?


Make in India and Bofors like Artillery Guns: India after Bofors ordered for 145 M 777s from BAE, US. The first two M777s have arrived in India, as a part of the 25 ready-to-use weapons to be supplied by the BAE over the next two years. As per the deal, 120 remaining howitzers would be produced in India under the ‘Make in India’ programme in collaboration between BAE and India’s Mahindra Defence in Faridabad….At present, a major portion of M777 is being manufactured at BAE’s UK plants, where core components like titanium forgings and fabrications, which make the M777 light, are produced. The final integration and testing phase, which is being handled at BAE’s Hattiesburg facility in Mississippi, US, will be shifted to India’s Mahindra Defence facility in Faridabad. Mahindra Defence will assemble, integrate and test the guns at the AIT facility, allowing an unhindered access to spare parts and reduce the maintenance time and cost. Will this joint understanding or collaboration will continue after the completion of 145 units? Will Mahindra be able to initiate the localisation of M777’s components or the total system? Will Mahindra be able to set up R&D and development centre to keep the the technologies incorporated in the M777 system updated to remain relevant and contemporary? three other resources or Make-in-India artillery gun systems are in pipe line. 

1. L&T has customised and co-developed the gun called K9 VAJRA-T , an enhanced version of Hanwha Tech Win’s K9 Thunder – a self-propelled Howitzer – to suit the specific requirements of the Indian Army, including desert operations. L&T will deliver the 100 guns, that will have over 50% indigenous content, in 42 months, from its manufacturing facilities, including a new Armoured Systems Complex at Hazira in Gujarat. guns. 

2. Dhanush 155mm Artillery Gun: A “Make in India” Marvel: Dhanush as an artillery system has proved to be one of the best amongst its class. A 45 Calibre towed gun system capable of targeting at long ranges incorporating autonomous laying features and having one of the most sophisticated suites of electronic and computing systems in the world.
3.Bharat Forge aims to become among the top-three artillery gun manufacturers in the world. “Bharat Forge is currently working on five artillery gun platforms.” ….Bharat Forge Group has participated in a project to convert old Russian 130 mm guns into new 155 mm guns. If trials are successful, this may lead to a total order of 1,500 guns from this project alone. To capitalise on contracts on making air defence systems, Bharat Forge has tied up with three of the best companies in the world: SAAB (Sweden), Rafael (Israel) and IAR (Israel aircraft industries).
4. 1.5.2017: Punj Lloyd Raksha Systems,Indian firm Punj Llyod and Israeli Weapons Industry have signed a joint venture to produce rifles under a new joint venture facility at Malanpur in Madhya Pradesh. The new joint venture has been named as PunjLlyod Raksha Systems (PRS). 
Punk are making the whole range of IWI weapon systems at its facility including the Tavor-21 and Galil assault rifles along with the Negev Light Machine Guns, Galil sniper rifles and the X-95 close quarter carbine rifles. It would be offering all the types of weapons required by the armed forces.

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