My Angst against Nitish Kumar

I feel bad when some one says that Nitish, the politician is irrelevant, and will never be back as chief minister of Bihar. Still, Nitish remains the best candidate. But Nitish also failed many like me for many reasons. Here are some reasons that made me feel morose.

1. Nitish could not pick up some knowledgeable and efficient persons who could have effectively improved the standard of education, healthcare and industrialisation. He could have tapped them even from the private sectors if he didn’t find them in UPSC lot.

2. Nitish could have improved the working of the Panchayats and municipalities more transparent and effective to become helpful for the residents at large.Nitish got the publicity for bringing a 33% reservation for women in Panchayats in Bihar. These democratic bodies are hardly in touch with the people they serve.

3. Nitish never gave a real boost to scale up some really successful local enterprises and entrepreneurs. Be it Pandey who tried to light up the rural Bihar with biomass power generation or Lilawati a poor woman who started earning by producing mushrooms in her own house.

4. Nitish never put his weight for getting the Lalu’s sanctioned two railway manufacturing plants in Madhepura and Chhapra that with ancillary companies could have brought Bihar in the list of states with a significant manufacturing sector.
5. Bihar could have improved its tourism with better investment in hospitality sector as well as its handicraft sector with thrust on Madhubani art and others. It required some hand holding and focus. Nitish could have got Gaya developed as international airport and perhaps established a smart Budhhist City in vicinity of Gaya with help of Japan, Thailand, or SriLanka.

6. Nitish spent more time on fighting with the centre for increasing the number of poor in Bihar rather than taking up the poverty as challenge and creating employment. Could not he get the youths trained in driving if nothing else?
7. Nitish kept Bihar as the sole state with very few private professional colleges of engineering and forced the young students to migrate and pay huge sums in the institutions of far off states.

8. Nitish did pursue with some institutions such as Chandragupta College of Management or Chanakya Law Institute, but could not keep the pressure on these to bring them into the best category in the category. Even his support for Nalanda University was hardly significant. Even the central universities and institutions were hardly facilitated.

9. Nitish encouraged the consumption of liquor of all types. I have seen even kids in rural Bihar are consuming the local liquor so frequently and almost openly. Nitish did this only for his election fund.

10. Nitish did not take any effective step to make the adult women educated so that they could appreciate the role of education for a good life today. He could have found some solution through lakhs of contract teachers that he employed. He could have paid them some extra allowance for this extra but essential task of nation building.

Bihar today lack an iconic figure as the head to take it in the league of the most advanced states of the country.

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