Can Modi Make Difference?

Without waiting for May 16, the country has gone in ‘the expectation mode‘, perhaps rightly so. I have some of my own:

1.Can Modi come out with its imprint on the formation of his new cabinet that must be mean and lean and exemplary for the world?

2.Can the new government encourage and incentivise every working individual, organisation, institution and most importantly the system to be one of the globally best?

3.Can the manufacturing from high-tech to low-tech in the industrial clusters to every rural habitation become the passion of the entrepreneurial class?

4.Can every rural panchayat and even smallest town have an educational institute of the type of Kendriya, Kasturba, Navodaya or Sainik Vidyalaya?

5.Can all the public sector units and universities be challenged to be the globally competitive? Will the companies like BHEL, BMEL, BEL, the railway workshops and factories and defence establishments be export-oriented?

6. Will the export of raw materials such as iron ores, leather, cotton, or grains be discouraged and the exports of more and more value-addition be incentivised?

7. Will the polluting industries will be moved to the clusters with effective effluent treatment facilities provided by the government through a cess? Will Ganga and Yamuna, all water bodies be made pollution free?

8. Will India focus on becoming the friendliest country in the world and the best for doing business?

9. Will Indian universities be brought to the global standard to attract a large number of foreign students in higher education and research?

10. Will the middlemen between the manufacturers/producers and consumers be reduced to minimal or removed?

11. Can something innovative be done to avoid the large number of suicides by the farmers?

12. Can the PDS in all states be improved to the level that the states such as Chhatisgarh and Andhra have achieved?

13. Will the infrastructures in the cities like Varanasi and Ajmer be effectively improved in next five years?

14. Will the artisans of the country be ensured a minimum earning and assistance in marketing of their produces?

15. Will the new government start with a bang all the important pending big projects such as the railway link to Kashmir valley, expressways, corridors-Delhi-Mumbai, Chennai-Bangalore or Delhi-Kolkata and get them completed with globally best efficiency?

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