Media igniting communalism unknowingly

Media and quite a large number of intellectuals are harming real secularism of the communities of the country. Why should Imam support of Congress get so much of coverage? Imam might not understand the consequences of his pronouncement and appeal to the minority voters for his vested interest to vote for a party at one time and the other next time. Sonia, Mulayam or Nitish must understand that better. However, I felt pretty happy that Imam didn’t recommend for voting SP, and BSP, and I wish the community doesn’t vote for their Lok Sabha candidates. Both SP and BSP have been cheating the minority with false promises.

Further, why should media keep on reporting that ‘the Muslim vote may consolidates clearly against the BJP, and Muslim voters in constituency after constituency may vote carefully and tactically with the only objective of denying a victory to the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate, this could be key to how far the NDA finds itself from its the magic number of 272 MPs on May 16.’ Surely, a large number of Hindus will feel bad after reading this news.

Many types of community-based data appearing in media do also cause heart burn. Should those with BJP affiliation not feel bad to know that only around 5-6 percent of major minority voters cast their votes for their party? Should we discuss everything on TV channels in name of freedom of expression?

What big purpose will be served by the recent revelation of Cobrapost of Anirudh Bahl regarding the Babri Masjid demolition? Will Anirudh get a ‘Padma’ for that or the highest award of investigative journalism? Many Hindus still believe that Babri Masjid was built on the birth place of Rama. It was not Babar but one of his generals built that. The masjids near the most important Hindu pilgrimages at Mathura, Varanasi, and Ayodhya always remind Hindus the era of slavery and foreign rule when they visit the places. Why can’t the saner in them convince the fellow community leaders about the sentimental values of these places for Hindus.

How can a responsible prime minister declare that the first right on the resources of India is that of the minority community? Is not some thing that no sane Indian can take it rightly.

Whether some one likes it or not, BJP is going to remain as a powerful entity and certainly it is less dynastic and more democratic than Congress. How can a country of billion plus get governed only by few members of a family?

Muslims are integral part of India. They must join the mainstream. If the Dalits and tribals can understand the importance of mainstream education in science and technologies, that of the knowledge of English and economics, why can’t the minority accept that and get benefitted. Why not the government try to integrate them in all the educational institutes rather than building separate institutions and examination systems for the minority community that is around 18 percent or so of our billion plus overall population?

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