Election 2014 and my Constituencies

I have lived in three constituencies of the country and so have kept a tab on the candidates who fight election there. Now I live in Noida, and Dr. Mahesh Sharma is the candidate of BJP. He has been a doctor entrepreneur with number of super-specialty hospitals. Kailash Hospital in Noida has been pretty popular. I wish if with large number of retired senior citizens of the high end of the society, Dr. Sharma gets some ‘first class old age home complex’ with all the necessary facilities for the aged ones who live away from their children built in Noida.

Interestingly, my home comes in famous Sasaram constituency in Bihar. Sasaram as such is associated with Rohitasva of puranic era, Ashoka the great because of the location of one of his rock inscription nearby, and then as the birth place and final resting mausoleum of Shershah. No other emperor in India did so much in so little time that Allah granted him to rule. And in independent India, Jagjivan Ram, one of the great political leaders and the illustrious son of this great land of the era represented Sasaram in New Delhi. Unfortunately, Sasaram is in no better a condition that Shershah would have seen and experienced in his childhood for no fault of its own. Sasaram could have easily become heritage city or town. The water bodies around Shershah Mausoleum and the one in Takia (part of Sasaram) could have been a big tourist attraction and breathing space for the population of Sasaram. Unfortunately, none did anything. I find the political leaders hardly had any attachment with the place but for visiting it during election time. I have been visiting the mausoleum in Sasaram since my childhood day. Every time I go there, I get more and more morose. And now again a party hopper Chhedi Paswan is the BJP candidate against Meira Kumar, the daughter of Jagjivan Ram. Interestingly as I came to know very lately, Chhedi Paswan was born in Takia itself. I will certainly love to see Meira Kumar winning because her knowledge and performance as speaker of the last Lok Sabha, though she also has hardly done anything what I would have loved to see in Sasaram. I wish who so ever wins, must take care of the heritage of Sasaram.

And the famous Hooghly is having Chandan Mitra, basically a journalist, but hardly impressive as the BJP candidate. As usual, the word ‘development’ or ‘law order situation’ hardly has mattered in deciding the election results of West Bengal. For coming 20-25 years Mamta and her party will rule the state till someone again learns the lesson of winning votes from the history of the leftists or Mamta. Almost all the companies, perhaps in hundreds or thousands along both sides of the River Hooghly and the old Suri’s Grand Trunk Road have got converted into ruins requiring archeologists to know about their glorious past. My own company, once the only car company of India is on death bed with very few to mourn. What can any one or I expect from the win or loss in Election 2014 in West Bengal? But Mamta will be a satisfied queen or princess of the state playing a significant role in the formation of the next government in Delhi.
यथा प्रजा तथा राजा ।

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