2014: Who can make India prosperous and proud?

Every individual as well as every company of the country is waiting for the general elections later this year to give a stable government that can improve business sentiment, the country’s economic growth trajectory. Like many I have some priorities that the new government must ensure and commit. I wish to have a new dispensation,

Who can encourage women and get them empowered with a fifty percent employment in every segment as police woman, drivers and assistants of buses and public transport, postman, machine operator, teacher, and shopkeeper?

Who can get a super speciality hospital in each of 800 district head quarters and a healthcare centre with telemedicine facility in every Panchayats of rural India?

Who can set up a tried school model (Kendriya, Navodaya, Kasturba Gandhi, Sainik) in every Panchayats of rural India? Who will ensure every rural school to have a reading room, a creativity centre, and sports ground? Who can showcase the school complexes of the rural India as temples of learning not merely as teaching centres? Who can bring back the glory of teaching profession? Who can bring the students from India schools competitive enough with China in PISA tests?

Who can develop an education zone in the outskirts of every district headquarters with a number institutions for higher education compatible with the population of the hinterland?

Who can make India a major manufacturing nation with manufacturing contributing at least 25 percent of its GDP? Who can encourage 100 manufacturing companies in public and private sectors to become MNCs with global brands? Who can make a trillion dollar from the export from manufacturing sector? Who can make the public sector companies globally competitive in products as well as size and scale? Who can encourage the Indian companies to export at least 30 percent of its products in world market? Who can make Indian companies to invest significantly in innovation and R&D?

Who can set up a skill centre and a cooperative manufacturing unit, be it for knitting, papad, apparel, handicraft or for even sanitary towels in every Panchayats of rural India?

Who will find an end of encroachment, unauthorised unplanned construction all around the country by providing affordable houses within nicely landscaped areas in all the metros, cities, towns, villages of the country?

Who can bring the end to reservation on caste lines and introduce quota for financially weaker sections, bringing all communities under its ambit? Does the real needy person even among Dalits and Backward Castes get the benefits of reservation?

Who can make India the largest producer of finished metals, such as steel, and aluminium? Who can stop the export of iron ore and get it all converted into the best value added finished products?

Who can stop the export of cotton and make Indian textiles the best in world with focus on value addition from “farm to fibre to fabric to fashion to foreign”?

Who can take the production from farm to a new level of potentials that can feed the nation plus also others hungry in the world? Can an effective programme be implemented to achieve what the McKinsey consultants suggested in ‘Reimagining India’ that is inserted below?
“India that is a global agricultural powerhouse, with exports approaching $164 Billion a year by 2030(compared to $30 billion in 2011)
India with agricultural output of $620 billion by 2030(compared to $270billion in 2011)
India with a food processing GDP of $120billion by 2030(up from $24 billion in 2011)
India where the income of rural citizens rises sixfold and approaches that of those in the cities”

Who can get universalising of solar water pumps for irrigation of farm that is pretty much possible with so small holdings for the most of farmers and get alternative cheap biofuel for tractors with not undue price as for diesel.

Who will plan in outcome units with specific time target rather than just allocation of fund for different projects.

I wish like minded readers add to these wishes that help the country to get back on the track of high growth economy where GDP grows above 10 percent for next 10 years, and in turns higher employment generation and prosperous life for them.

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