Another Letter for Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Arvind
Please stop the popular gimmicks to be in news without spending anything for this publicity. Perhaps, you have mastered the science and arts of crowd pulling with promises and breaking news such filing FIRs against Mukesh Ambani and Murli Deora. Corruption is certainly dangerous for any country, but the way you wish to remove it is doubtful. However, you can go ahead and try.

Arvind! There are many things that you can change now and make a history and in turn, you can become an icon in right sense, a hero for the people. I shall refer to only few fields that require your attention first and where you can bring about a positive change.

I was listening to your talk on NDTV with Barkha Dutta. In reply to a question on education, you promised to transform the present condition of government schools in Delhi to such a standard that the people at large will start preferring to send their children to the government schools instead of hankering for getting them in private schools. Please go all out, put all the resources at your disposal, or if necessary go to all those who can contribute you for this great task. We all will like to see the government schools improved to such an extent that as in US, the parents start putting their kids in the nearest government school. Can you create such a condition and start sending your kids to the government schools? You may also request AAP members and its office bearers including your cabinet colleagues to start sending their children to the government from the next session. After all, they are also aam aadami. It will help in improving the present condition.

A similar approach is necessary for all the government hospitals. Let you and your close AAP members start using them. Discuss with the doctors and staffs of the hospital your plans, make them provide the best treatment, and invest all that is required to make them comparable to the standard of services and treatment provided by the private hospitals. Let the doctors organise regular medical checks camps in every corners of the city where less privileged ones live. Motivate them, increase their salaries, if necessary.

And I don’t know if you know that a large number of women and girls in many households in old Delhi work in their jhuggies and delipated dwellings for manufacturing many hard wares that we all use. But the system gets controlled by middle men or contractors who pay a meagre amount, around ₹20-30 a day for their hard work of 10 to 12 hours. In Delhi and NCR where a ricksha puller or a street vendor earns around ₹ 300-400 a day, these skilled women and their children who put hard work in manufacturing the items hardly add anything to the earning of the family. I don’t know if you know about it. But please focus on these things rather than the issues with African women.

There are many issues that I can enlist, but let us limit it to these few for the time being. You are lucky that the destiny has provided you with opportunity. Don’t waste and miss the chance with gimmickry. Please remember, if Lalu could not last, you may also be a part of history soon or a little later.

Please focus on what you are expected to by the ones who have elevated you to the present position.

A well wisher, if you think so

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