BJP: Change for survival !

BJP: Change !

For a change BJP must behave as a responsible opposition party in the forthcoming parliament winter session. 

1. Their opposition to FDI in multi-brand must be limited to restrict the foreign multi-national companies to import all and every items of low technology household items from countries like China through specific conditionality. For every import of a certain value it must buy and export for its outlet abroad a minimum of two times by value the similar items. It must encourage Indian companies to develop items that are the preferred choices of the consumers in mass foreign markets.

2. BJP must support the government on other issues such as financial, education centric bills.

3. BJP must press for getting land acquisition bill passed even if it requires an extension or special session of the parliament, as it is one bottleneck for getting the infrastructure and manufacturing projects to expand at the desired rate.

4. But there is one more important issue that BJP must brought right on the first day. It must insist upon the government to set up an independent commission that completes the investigation of the corruption issues raised in media, be it of Vadra, Salman Khurshid, Gadkari, Mukesh Ambani or HSBC hawala. BJP must realize the controversial clean chit of RSS leaning chartered accountant Gurumurthy is not a sufficient enough logic to make Gadkari a good enough choice as a head of the party.

The top leadership of BJP and that of their mentor RSS must appreciate the worries and doubts of the millions of well-wishers and those who vote for it. They should not take them for granted and should play with their wishes to defeat the dynastic Congress and it’s sycophants in 2014 general election. By not going by the sentiments of the masses, BJP leadership is doing a great injustice to them.

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