BJP towards Self-Destruction

Alas! It will be bad for the country. However, if the recent political steps of outdated RSS and a BJP without strength of its own are any indication, BJP doesn’t have a great future in the political arena of the country. It may remain a second best, but that too only because the Congress Party has transformed itself into one of sycophants ruled by one family that is not Gandhi in any way.

I don’t think if Gadkari is going to find a reason and resign, but the more he stays, the more will be the damage to BJP. RSS as Sonia and Congress are doing for Vadra, is trying to wait and see the people to forget the revelation about the business built by Gadkari in unscrupulous manner not fit for a head of a political party such as BJP claiming to be a party with difference. It can’t anymore talk about unfair practices of the individuals and the organizations after supporting such persons as its head.

Gadkari might have been bold to go on a reputed TV channel, faced the hard questions though with very weak arguments and only one strong plea to let the agencies of even the unfriendly government to investigate his companies and its working, but that is not sufficient an argument for him to stay in office till he comes clean to obliterate the bad image created with revelation among the country men.

Gadkari’s Vivekanand remarks and its reaction is an indication of how much damage has already been done. Gadkari could have avoided it. But that is not practical by keeping himself active in social get togethers.

RSS must focus only on the social works almost as a great NGO with no political ambitions through back doors. It will harm the national interest as well as that of the majority community they represent.

Gadkari as such appears to be a pigmy now and as I suggested much earlier in Face book that the sooner Gadkari resigned, the better it was for the BJP.

I don’t know if the majority community celebrate or cry with so much of the focus on the practiced the Indian secularism. I go by Naipaul who has rightly said that precisely the problem with Indian secularism is that any criticism of Islam is seen as anti secular.

But for the interest of the community and the country, RSS must not keep on politicking as a prompting agency for a national party. RSS should allow BJP to be a democratic party and even facilitate that to be so without individual’s ambition coming in the way. RSS must not be a dictatorial agency for community or political party.

Let the top leadership not get BJP in self-destructive mode.

PS: As I had written this piece, I heard the TV reporters informing and showing how Gadkari is moving from one top leader of BJP to other to garner support for retaining his position.

And Gadkari could retain.

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