The Two Sunday Rallies: will It work?

Morning November 4
The two ruling parties are today organizing two political rallies. The one by the Congress Party of Sonia and Rahul will be at Ramlila Ground in the national capital, New Delhi. The second one will be in the eastern state of Bihar at Gandhi Maidan with Nitish as the main hero.

Interestingly, both the parties are holding it with two motives. Outwardly, the first one is to push the reform of Manmohan such as FDI in retail and the second one is to demand a special status for the state of Bihar to make it develop fast to come in line with the rest of developed states.

However, the main purpose is to show the strength and relevance of the organizing parties for the opposition and the people at large and perhaps access its own capability and public acceptance..

As reported, the rally today at Ramlila will also mark the beginning of the campaign for the general election in 2014 that may prove to be a land mark for the country…

As reported in media, all sorts of resources are being used to make it grand and impressive ay the ruling parties. However, it appears Patna rally will be more entertaining for the participants with the state ministers and important party leaders in Patna are doing every thing to be good generous hosts for the attending people of their regions laying tables for the guests coming from all corners of the state.As reported, even the guests will have something more.

Another unique feature of Patna rally will be its technical aspects. Experts have developed a website for the live webcast of the rally. People living anywhere in the world can just connect to And see and hear what Nitish will be conveying to the present.

After the end of Lalu era when rallies and railas were quite frequent, Gandhi Maidan will perhaps see such rally for the first time.

Evening Nov 4

In Ramlila rally, the trio of Congress-Rahul, Manmohan and Sonia put their best, but I was not impressed. If Manmohan wished to continue with his reforms, perhaps the speeches in the rally would not have been so much offensive against the largest opposition party. How can they expect the opposition to help Manmohan’s team in passing the bills that are to be passed in the interest of the people of the country for accelerating the growth? The voters or those who attended the rally will not get the bills passed, they don’t even understand if the subjects referred in the speeches will help them any way in improving their living standards and so they must vote Manmohan or Rahul. None of them were impressive. Rahul would have been better. Manmohan has lost the credibility and his logics are stale. Sonia did the best so that the government again fails to bring some sort of consensus on the pending bills. She would have realized that the election is still more than a year to come. I wish Manmohan would have referred to the Patna rally and his views on the demand of Nitish. Sonia or Rahul would have also broken their silence on Vadra. How long they can do that? Congress did its best to collect the crowd.

But Patna rally and its crowd were more impressive as it appeared on the TV channels. However, Nitish can do many things that do not require special status. Why is Nitish failing on law and order, education, skilling its young men and women and healthcare issues? At least in Bihar rallies would neither win election nor make Bihar developed.

I wish they find a better way to address the people rather than inconveniencing them on a Sunday.

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