Gadkari: Hear the voices of the People

Dear Gadkari,

I don’t like politics, but as a responsible, sufficiently educated, senior in age and professional I love to see BJP to be a strong democratic political party with a difference in right sense, particularly so when the ruling party is dynastic with sycophants and at least a million Indians like me also must be like me.

But the recent revelation about you by Arvind Kejriwal followed by detailed investigative reporting day after day in digital and print media made me ashamed myself to have a soft corner for a political party. It appears BJP is neither democratic nor different and clean.

You did right to go on your own on a reputed TV channels for answering the queries about the doubtful and unscrupulous means used by your business group to grow, but your replies to the queries were hardly convincing to the millions of Indians who watched that programme. I am also one of them. On following days, various channels and national newspapers, but particularly Time Now went on providing more and more details. Whatever was getting revealed about the president of the major political party in opposition was not at all digestible for the politically sensitive Indians who still somehow expect politicians to be honest and clean.

As it appears right from childhood you were ambitious and wished to be wealthy because you came from an ordinary family of limited means like many, even myself, Arvind or Ashok Khemka. While we put our energy to be outstanding in our education, you selected the short cut and ultimately got into politics. But all the time you wanted to be rich and so used the advantage of your political connections to set up companies, while keeping yourself very much in active politics. You became minister and then president of BJP certainly because of the blessings and propping of some so called biggies in the parent organisation RSS, even against the wishes of the majority in the part. RSS wouldn’t have done it. It should get out of politics and focus only on the social work. Should it not been ashamed for propping a person like you today?

But after the recent revelations neither RSS and its protege Gurumurthy nor even the senior leaders of BJP can save you and your image that has been darkened, as they together with all their resources too can.t make you clean in the eyes and mind of the people of India.

Who can relish to see the president of the main opposition party running from one senior leader to the other to garner help to save his position and then doing the same to thank them for support even at the cost of causing serious breach at the top leadership of the party, even when an executive member resigned from the executive committee and some senior leaders expressing their intention to resign if you don’t resign as president.

As an ardent Indian and Hindu, you must appreciate that one must sacrifice for a bigger cause. You must leave the party on your own and immediately to save it. Find some good excuse.

Gadkariji, Do resign and save BJP, it’s leaders and members from the embarrassment you have caused.

Mr. Gadkari, I know you are from the community of shameless politicians, and so you will not hear the voices of the people of the country, but still I appeal you to resign and get yourself exonerated from the charges before entering politics again.
Sincerely Yours IRS

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