Forthcoming Cabinet Reshuffle: Will it be different?

Why can’t Manmohan’s last cabinet reshuffle leave a signature of his own on the history of India?

Manmohan hardly believes in major changes. At least this is what the majority in the country today believes.

More than the policy changes or major reforms, the country men and women wish to see the government visible in action, implementing what it announces.

One more thought comes in mind. If Manmohan is not going to be the Prime Minister after 2014 even if the Congress gets or cobbles up the majority good enough to form the cabinet, why should Manmohan and Sonia not designate someone, if not Rahul Gandhi, a deputy prime minister? At least the country should know who is going to lead the nation.

For a change, Manmohan should also bring some professional from outside such as Sam Pitroda for telecom and Sreedharan for railways that would have provided the people with a hope for change for better implementation. However, I don’t if Manmohan will be able to sell some new ideas to his boss, Mother Queen Sonia. There are very little talents in the present cabinet or even in the Congress. They mustn’t be shy to agree to the real scarcity.

I still doubt if in the reshuffle Manmohan will show a preference for efficiency and the capability to implement in selecting the persons for key infrastructure ministries. The coming months will expect fast visible implementation that the people of India can see and appreciate, if the vote banks are to be allured. Sonia must realize that the loyalists can wait this time.

Will the reshuffle showcase the sincerity of the government to continue with the reform and end the paralysis in governance for the growth that is so badly needed?

Many professional in media are already predicting the changes that will be known on Sunday. With the fall of Khurshid’s wicket there is hardly anyone credible among the senior most ministers in the cabinet with even Manmohan and Chidambaram in dock.

Let me see if the politics prevail over the national interest. When the government fails to set up a National Investment Board under the prime minister’s dictate because of the greed and ego of Manmohan’s ministers, how can the common man believe that the reshuffle will bring a changed cabinet that will work effectively and efficiently?

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