Gadkari and BJP Dilemma

The decision to defend Gadkari for the reason of party discipline, even after so weak a defence by Gadkari himself on the channel was very much immature and damaging for the two stalwarts of BJP, namely Sushma and Jaitley. It will cause immense harm to the party’s image too.They would have convinced the party as well as RSS against it. 
With such a shady background Gadkari wouldn’t have accepted the top position of BJP. Gadkari , as it appears, is one of those business men who in India have established big business activities with wrong means. However, they don’t go for fulfilling their political ambitions in such a manner. Surprisingly, Gadkari kept on calling himself a social entrepreneur helping the farmers of Vidarva region with power and sugar factories.

Every one knows that RSS imposed Gadkari on BJP. Can we assume that RSS was not knowing about it?  It is unfortunate that RSS instead of working on improving the ills of the majority community, keeps involving in the national vote politics. 

Gadkari took a bold step to face the media so directly and offered to face investigation from any agency, but his replies to the queries raised by the interviewer were so unconvincing , must be to himself too. And he would have resigned just after coming back. Gadkari would have offered to keep out of politics till the investigation was over. It would have made BJP different.

Actually, just after the revelation of Arvind Kejriwal BJP and RSS would have taken such decision. The amount of the details appearing every day after the revelation is damning and shameful for Gadkari and his party as well as its well-wishers. It is certainly worrisome for the educated class that formed ‘Friends of BJP’. It would have avoided the embarassment for the BJP and particularly, it’s leaders of opposition who will have to face the parliament soon.

The sooner Gadkari resigns, the better it will be for the party. 

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