Two Wished Election Codes

Many would have imagined that the present UP election would be fought on the issues such as corruption or the world’s worst poverty prevailing in the country and more so in the state that is undergoing election battle. But on all battle fronts, the issue present is either community or caste. Is it in the interest of the country? Should not the Election Commission or the highest in judiciary if not the parliamentarians ponder over the subject? Should not the EC ban the mention of caste and community from any election campaign? Will it be unconstitutional? If yes, why can’t the constitution is changed?

While the other codes of conduct once the election dates are declared are causing the slow down or almost shutting of government functions, the election time does also cause a lot of hidden social turmoil because of the mentions of lolly pops for certain castes and community.

What will be the ultimate of reservation? I would not have asked it but unfortunately the reservation accommodated for very genuine reasons in constitution has been perpetualized for political reasons and because none wants to irritate those who had been beneficiaries. In the present campaign, the Congress Party seems to promise an offer 4.5%-9% out of 27% of OBC reservation for minority. SP has gone to promise 18% for minority. This figure is based on the percentage of minority in overall population.

Tomorrow each of the castes or community in India may ask for the share of reservation of its caste based on its own population or may go for even protest and some political party may back those groups. Let me explain a little more clearly. A particular caste among the category of schedule caste or a specific tribal group may ask for fixing up the reservation for it based on its population.

Are not the politicians and community leaders playing with a fire that can divide the various communities and made them bitter against each other? Can the people and their leaders, legislators or judiciary give a clear decision based on the worst situation?
Will the religious leaders be forbidden from issuing fatwas for voting for a political party or a candidate? Such religious fatwas must be banned in election time. The great country got divided once on basis of religion and suffered the misery that was unprecedented. Why can’t the reference of caste or community in open be constitutionally banned and instead the whole effort is directed to the right education and skilling of the people?

I am sure the promises of reservation for the minority community out of the permitted reservation for OBC are already creating ripples in the society.

I thought with the expansion of education, the youngsters in North India will make the seniors shun community and caste. Though it has not happened till date but perhaps good education for all will be the only answer to end this menace. What EC or parliament can’t do with its mighty power, the people will do that. And that is the hope for the region.

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