Manmohan is not honest

How can a person who causes damage to the image of the nation he represents be honest? ‘A common quip in New Delhi is that Ms Gandhi has power without responsibility; whereas Dr Singh has responsibility without power.’ However, I don’t vouch for even this much credit to Manmohan. Manmohan Singh is just a mediocre so far administrative capability is concerned.

A few recent instances of his administrative lapses are more than anything else to prove that. Manmohan didn’t do anything to better his image and at least in these incidents Sonia would not have interfered.

Manmohan has unnecessarily allowed the age issue of the Army Chief to linger. As soon as Manmohan came to know of it, he would have called the General and sorted it out talking one-to-one basis with him soon the issue. The whole issue is in a bad taste to the citizens of the country. It sets a bad precedent.

The way Manmohan has allowed the reprimand of the scientists of ISRO to be handled by his very poor assistants is another glaring example of his poor way of administration. Why couldn’t he call Mr. Nair, the former chief of ISRO, and discuss? Does Manmohan want to prove that he is better than his counterparts in Pakistan? Can anyone believe that the action was so messy because of Sonia’s interference?

Don’t the people of India know by now the vacillating approach of Manmohan on the issue of identity card issue? Couldn’t Manmohan mediate between Montek Singh and PC Chidambaram fighting for sanctioning fund for Aadhar project headed by Nandan Nilekani?

Time and again, Manmohan gets out of his slumber and does something that brings a hope and then he sleeps again. He had a press conference with media men and promised that he would regularly to do that to discuss the critical current issues of the country with media. After the very first meet where he had chosen few, the others kept on waiting for getting a chance to talk to Manmohan directly in the next meetings. But that never happened.

Manmohan as Prime Minister could show his administrative capability in improving the rating of ‘Doing Business in India’. Manmohan could get his minister change the emphasis to the outcome rather than allocation. He couldn’t bring any effective mechanism to monitor the big projects that decide the growth of the country? Manmohan couldn’t take any image building infrastructure project and get completed the long promised ones such as the railway link to Kashmir valley. Many a time I find Mayawati better than Manmohan. At least she could give a world class F1 course in record time and Yamuna Express way for state. Why couldn’t he take a high speed bullet train project even between a short distance to prove that India can do that? Is there any one project including one being demanded in memory of our brave jawans that can be associated with his name as initiator?

As reported recently, the steel minister boasted of India becoming the fourth largest steel manufacturing country of the world. Is it not in spite of the government? India could by now certainly become the second largest steel manufacturer if the government would have taken some bold policy decisions.

Could not Manmohan take some bold step for shipping sector instead of bemoaning for not spending 75% of the fund allocated for it in 11th plan?

I am sure for all the above failures in performance of Manmohan, Sonia’s interference cannot be a rational excuse.

Why the PM always is found failed?
PS: Two news papers one of English and the other of Hindi have the same news on Manmhoan Singh in its headlines based on some article in Time Magazine. The headline in Hindustan Times is ‘Manmohan a quiet giant who could make history‘ ; and that in Hindi happens to be: अमेरिकी पत्रिका ने मनमोहन को बताया ‘आत्मघाती’. I am at loss. Do both mean the same? Did the Hindi Newspaper Bhaskar translate it from Hindustan Times and did a poor job? Is it the news based on an old article in Time magazine, planted by new media advisor in PMO that has now a new head?

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