I wish Anna or some other of his stature, may be Shri Shri Ravi Sankar go for fast and that too immediately. However, I want it for a different reason.

Parliament monsoon session has started. But even on the second day MPs didn’t work. Many urgent bills must go through fast because most of them are of national importance.

Corruption and land acquisition are two very important issues. The government and opposition must come out with the bill that sort out the problems that are holding up the growth of the country and damaging its image globally. Similarly, some other bills related to the accountability of judiciary, education sector and finance are also equally important.

Media has already made the Lokpal Bill, Acquisition and Rehabilitation Bill and Women Reservation Bill country wide known. Eleven education-related bills pending in Parliament include the Foreign Educational Institutions (regulations on entry and operation) bill, prohibition of unfair practices in technical educational institutions, medical educational institutions and universities bill, and the educational tribunal bill. Four important and pending finance-related bills are Banking Laws Amendment Bill, Factoring and Assignment of Receivables Bill, Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill, Insurance laws Amendment Bill and Life insurance Corporation Bill.

Break the convention, let the parliament work for 16 hours and all days of the week till all the bills are cleared and that too in a manner that the experts don’t call it hasty junks. Let all those parliamentarians who can contribute must participate.
Can the parliamentarians for a change prove that they can work to efficiently and effectively?

If they are not ready to work and solve the problems that are so critical to the nation, let the people make them do that through any innovative way through Gandhigiri or hero of the parliament or even through mass fast.

Let the Prime Minister and the leader of opposition realize that the country men are not interested in knowing whose cupboards are having more skeletons or whose quivers are having more and sharper arrows. They want them and their colleagues in government and parliament to solve the gigantic problems the nation is facing. They want them to take the country ahead.

Let them appreciate they are not being paid by the nation for excelling over each other by being argumentative but to solve the bottlenecks of the country that is holding the country back to compete with other developed and developing countries.

People are getting restless. Please don’t test their patience any more.

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