Vinod Rai, CAG or Santosh Hegde: Will They Bring Change

How many in India knew Vinod Rai or Santosh Hegde even a year ago? Today the whole country knows them. Many are afraid of Vinod Rai. Many envy him. For some, he must be enemy number 1. Even a PM, who intends to be out of Lokpal Bill, is scared of CAG and warns him not to go beyond mandate. Every Indian must adore him. It’s also a proof that there are still some fearless admintrators in the government that can make the country change.

The political heads of the country on the other hand are still hesitant to take some steps that can change the destiny of the country a little faster. Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation Bill would have got the top priority as it is holding up the projects worth more than $150 billion. Just one example of South Korean POSCO steel plant in Orissa is good enough. It has not been able to start even construction and patiently pursuing since 2006. Can’t the politicians understand the consequences of not finalizing urgent national policies?

And that makes a person such as NR Narayana Murthy to make a statement on the issue such as working of the government with two power centres- the prime minister and the head of Congress party.

Why do the politicians not listen and act, or sometimes take an exit?

But coming back to the findings of Vinod Rai and Santosh Hegde, what happens, if no action is taken against the accused because of political reasons? Why the former chief minister of Karnataka, Yeddy and Reddys or if found guilty even Dixit, shouldn’t be barred from contesting the election? Why can’t people do something against those who are corrupt or inefficient?

Surprisingly, the government silenced Ramdev for raising a very important issue on black money for declaring the money stashed in foreign banks as national wealth. It has also been successful in making Anna’s fast threat for a strong Lokpal loose a lot of its steam. BJP is busy in making their presence felt only by getting parliament adjourned time and again.

Will the government in power be allowed to overrule every institution?

Will the opposition be allowed to be ineffective?

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