Confused or Confusing Government

There are certainly two sets of news appearing in media. One pains and other excites.

I happened to listen to Kapil Sibal yesterday that was very well covered by digital media. It appeared he was advocating for A Raja and defaming an institution that has been a watch dog: “We are extremely pained at methodology adopted by CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) for arriving at 2G spectrum. There were actually no losses to the exchequer. CAG has done injustice to itself and the Opposition is doing injustice to aam aadmi.” I wonder how a responsible man can say all that in such a manner. How has he been allowed by a prime minister, an economist by training to do that? Why should Sibal thinks that all the technocrats, mainly CAs or financial experts working for CAG are fools and he is the only who understands accounts and technology? I wish the professionals must object to such criticism more vocally and effectively. Unfortunately, for me it was a shock, as I was a fan of Sibal as HRD minister. But as it appears he is just an advocate and not an effective administrator or implementer.

The media carried one more confusing news too and that came from Jairam: “The Akshardham Temple, built on banks of Yamuna River in New Delhi, lacks environmental clearance, but nothing can be done about it now.” What is the purpose? Why doesn’t he prevent? He is another wide mouth man in the government. I am totally confused with his announcements and its intentions. I have started doubting his IIT background.

It was to my excitement that there were reasons to feel good too.

India is poised to overtake the USA and emerge as the World’s second largest economy on purchasing power parity basis by 2050 and has the potential to supersede China to the top spot, according to a report published by PwC.

And Sam Pitroda promises, ‘about 250,000 panchayats would be connected through fibre optics and broadband connections within the next couple of years.’
And thus it goes.
PS: It is interesting to note that ‘CAG-sticks-to-176L-cr-figure’.And Arun Jaitley replied his advocate friend in his own way.

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