Ajodhya Verdict: My Views from Cary

Let me confess something. I believe that Rama was born, may or may not be in the place in the Ajodhya conflict, as all of us were in some place. But then it was the creative minds of Valmiki, someone else, or later on Tulsidas that transformed him into incarnated Vishnu or Maryada Purushottam.

Perhaps, none but media in India wished or expected the verdict on Ajodhya’s land of lord to create so much of fuss. But the government and its law enforcing agencies did everything to avoid one.

Indian judiciary has shown wonderfully innovative maturity to steer clear the nation from some major expected communal troubles. And perhaps the verdict has a national interest behind it rather than just the legal one. It usher well for the countrymen.

Many have given their own verdicts on the verdict of the three judges. Editors have expressed their opinions. TV anchors as well as reputed journalists have commented in their own way. But what was this verdict? Was it only to decide who owns that 2.7 acres of land? But then why have the judges talked of archeological evidences and mentioned about the birth place of Rama?

Babri Masjid would have been in its place in the period when Tulsidas lived in Ajodhya and was penning down Ramcharitmanas. However, it must not then be considered as the site of birth of Rama, otherwise he would have been the most tortured person as poet and would have mentioned about it directly or indirectly. The conflict was created by some unscrupulous ones at a later date and then politicians took over. As reported, goons and criminals run a number of temples at Ajodhya. I know at least about one.

Time and again, the political and religious leaders of Hindus talk of building the grandest temple that will mean lot of money coming from different sources, mainly through charity. But who will manage it? Will it lead to another CWG like corruption story?

And should not the Indians try to know about the money collected by the organizers for building the temple in 90s? What happened to that? Should not the organizers come out with an audited report in media?

India has many wonderful temples. Rama does not need one more. Let the Hindus vote for building one International University, the best and largest in the world where the students and teachers from all over the world converge to get and expand the knowledge for the benefits of mankind.

Alternatively, can the professional architects of the country and the great ones from abroad be invited by Indians including Hindus to come out with an innovative creation that combines the themes of all world religions that make Ajodhya a place of attraction for every one coming to India?

Will the Hindus and Muslims of India be open enough for a change?

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