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तुलसीदास कृत रामचरितमानस – एक बिचार

रामायण एक लंबा गाथा काब्य है| काफी समय लगा होगा उसकी रचना में| मैं दादाजी के रास्ते चलते हुए उसका मासपारायण करता हूँ| समय समय पर कुछ प्रश्न उभर उठते हैं | लगता है तुलसीदास जी रामायण ख़त्म करने के … Continue reading

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And They Left

And finally they left us today early in the morning for US. With a duty to wake them up at 2.30 AM, I could hardly sleep for an hour. For me, it’s pretty usual and doesn’t cause any problem still. … Continue reading

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Rural India: Create Employment Opportunities

Rural India is undergoing a transformation. However, most of the changes are taking the people born and brought up there out of their traditional engagements. I don’t know how many of the urban intellectuals are aware of that. Bullocks and … Continue reading

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Bandh or Political Terrorism

Rakesh, my eldest son, came from US to attend a marriage in Patna and combined it with some his business related work in Hyderabad. The marriage was on July 9, and he was to leave Patna for Hyderabad on July … Continue reading

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The House Became Home for Awhile

Rakesh arrived on Monday with Alpana, Keshav and Anvita. They were here for three nights with us. But primarily, their India visit is to attend a marriage in Patna. The Noida house became home for those days. I, as grandfather … Continue reading

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My Dilemma: Forward and Backward Castes

“Caste identity breaks the society, Bihari-ism unites.” Nitish had made this statement. Was it a political statement or the real wish of the Chief Minister? Should I expect ushering in of a bright beginning of political assistance in reducing the … Continue reading

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From California to Carolina North

I spent some quality months in Pleasanton house of Anand in 2008. I liked the house. I loved its deck in the courtyard and the Santi Kunj Corner created by Shannon where I had lot of fun with Emma. My … Continue reading

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