A Bad Sad Sunday: Meeting Eternity

An early morning unexpected telephone from Beena Lakshman Singh on cell gave the sad news. I had not taken the call myself as perhaps somehow I could sense the bad news. The cell was in bed room and we were in the lobby. I had just returned from my morning walk and Yamuna had joined me. I rushed, picked up the cell, after seeing the caller, horridly walked back and handed over to Yamuna.

Lakshman Singh passed away on May 6 itself. We had talked in between with Beena but she didn’t reveal the news, perhaps to save us from the mental agony that the news would have given. She with Burmans (Dr. Burman and his sons) and some close relative from Lucknow carried out all the rites. Rajat couldn’t be called, as he was in Spain for an interview. Beena bhabhi came to Lucknow for the religious ceremonies.

It was perhaps only after completing all the tasks and returning to Kolkata, Beena bhabhi called us.

Hat off to Beena, the brave lady who faced the whole problems at this advanced age herself! It is really difficult to appreciate this.

Lakshman Singh worked for me in Hindustan Motors. He must be around 80.

Let his soul rest in peace and God gives Beena all the strength to face the life after him. She has another duty- a handicapped son who is still with her. I wish Rajat or some kind soul helps Beena in finding a good place for him where he can be cared for the rest of his life.

Beena bhabhi! You are great, but I never thought you to be so brave and tough to conceal the news for so many days when we were almost everyday talking.

Show equal toughness to live the rest of life. Let God give the agility to face the situation. We all are with you.

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