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My Reasons to Seek a Long Life

I am already above 70 years. I don’t know how long will be my life span. But the body that undertook the pain and agony of heart trouble and surgery psychologically may not last the very best that I wish. … Continue reading

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Growing India, Rising Hopes

Corporate India is expected to invest $250 billion over the next three years. India Inc will create 9, 17,000 new jobs in 2010-11. The index for industrial production has risen 16.8 per cent from a year earlier in January, after … Continue reading

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Women Empowerment: Education Only Answer

In my Presidency college days, I found gradually the girl students surpassing boy students in topping various honours courses in humanities as well as science subjects. Unfortunately, in IIT Kharagpur at our time there was no girl student. At that … Continue reading

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Prospective Indian Car Manufacturers

India has just one passenger car manufacturer now with dying Hindustan Motors that manufactured Ambassadors for many decades and at one time monopolized Indian market and almost extinct Premier Automobiles that produced Padmini that were the only public taxis in … Continue reading

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Innovating India: Hope in Air

Indians have started innovating. It’s not only Nano, the ultra cheap car; Ace, the mini-truck; or Swach, the cheapest water filter from Tatas. Indica is also not the same with which Tata Motors entered the car market years ago. One … Continue reading

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Budget 2010:Kautilya Remembered, But Not Kosi

Kautilya still remains favourite with the Finance ministers. Pranab also did that: “Thus, a wise collector general shall conduct the work of revenue collection… In a manner that production and consumption should not be injuriously affected… Financial prosperity depends on … Continue reading

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