Budget 2010:Kautilya Remembered, But Not Kosi

Kautilya still remains favourite with the Finance ministers. Pranab also did that:

“Thus, a wise collector general shall conduct the work of revenue collection… In a manner that production and consumption should not be injuriously affected… Financial prosperity depends on public prosperity, abundance of harvest and prosperity of commerce, among other things.”

Unfortunate, none of the finance minister or for that matter the prime ministers have seriously thought about overcoming the misery of the people of Bihar.

Everyone in India has heard of Kosi causing devastation with its flood every year without any forewarning for centuries. The problem and its solutions were known in pre-independence era. It’s known even after independence. Very recently in a conclave of scientists, the former president again detailed it. However, the problem keeps on skipping the attention of the bureaucrats and administrators of the country. It can only be a shame as well as a conspiracy to keep the region in stark poverty and misery for perpetuity.

Pranab Babu remembered his home district and home district:

I am happy to inform the Honourable Members that schemes on bank protection works along river Bhagirathi and river Ganga-Padma in parts of Murshidabad and Nadia district of West Bengal have been included in the Centrally Sponsored Flood Management Programme. I also propose to provide budgetary support for drainage scheme of Kaliaghai-Kapaleswari Baghai basin in the district of Purba and Paschim Midnapore, and Master Plan of Kandi sub-division in Murshidabad, West Bengal.

However, Pranab again forgot the need to do something about Kosi menace. It’s unfortunate that Kosi problem is not getting consideration as a national challenge to the capability of engineering talent of the country.

It has been happening only because Bihar could not produce a political or a social leader tall enough to attract the attention of those who matter. Nitish also has failed like all others till date.

And unfortunately the people of Bihar are either too good or too ignorant that they don’t rise for a massive protest against the injustices done to them for decades, that shakes the country and those who have been responsible for its neglect.

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