Will India Get into Clean car Business?

The Geneva Motor Show 2009 has opened with the emphasis put on showcasing green technologies.

The world is trying to find a solution to the global warning. As claimed by the environmentalists, emissions from the fossil fuel driven vehicles’ exhaust are one of the main causes. Hybrid and battery powered electric vehicles can reduce the emissions in atmosphere by the vehicles that have become a necessity today. One can’t dream of a world without these means of transportation. Perhaps the optimum and practical solution to reduce the use of fossil fuel is with hybrid or electric cars. Some of these green cars have become more popular ones among many available today. India also produces one, Reva, though its population is small enough. It is hardly noticed. Even the government subsidy hasn’t created its noticeable great acceptance by Indian consumers. However, Thomas Friedman of ‘The World is Flat’ fame referred about Reva, retrofitted with longer-life batteries that could travel 90 miles on a single six-hour charge – and to lay on a solar roof that would extend them farther, in a recent column in New York Times.

Some Green Cars of World

FORD: As claimed, New Fusion hybrid sedan has already made waves because it gets better mileage than Toyota’s Camry hybrid. Ford wanted to create a driving experience that might set the car apart. Palo Alto (Calif.) design firm IDEO and Ford surveyed consumers and discovered that many drivers are obsessed with fuel economy. Smart Design designed a dashboard screen that rewards drivers with green leaf icons that grow when they manage to squeeze out more miles per gallon.

TOYOTA: Prius has been the most popular among the hybrid till date. Toyota is going for its all-new Prius with a bigger gasoline engine that generates-in tandem with the electric motor-more power. Even with those extra horses and a larger cabin, fuel economy will be better than the current model’s 48 mpg. Toyota also will improve upon its hybrid-only luxury car, the Lexus HS250h with fuel economy pushed to push 40 mpg.

HONDA: The company aims to out-Prius the Prius with its new Insight. Honda’s differentiating factor will be by making its hybrid affordable to even the thriftiest buyers. The car will sell for about $19,000, about $2,500 less than a Prius and the fuel economy attaining 40 -plus mpg.

MERCEDES-BENZ: The German luxury automaker has been also working on a pure electric car and one that runs on hydrogen.

BYD AUTO: The Chinese upstart with its F3DM and F6DM plug-in hybrids to be sold only in China for the time being is ready to compete in the technology race.

However, it’s hardly lists all the greenest and cleanest cars of the world. Perhaps every car manufacturer worth name is working for a greener world.

While the news of Nano’s launch on March 23 in India is making the car-enthusiasts mad, Ratan Tata has announced to launch the Nano Europa in 2010-11. As reported, “Tata Motors has been working hard on developing electric versions of its current lineup for the European market. The company last year bought a majority stake in Miljo Grenland Innovasjon, a Norwegian company specializing in electric car technology.” Can Nano go clean too as India’s answer for cleaner car? It is essential as it dreams to sell in millions and reach every home of the country. Will Reva be produced in big way boosting the manufacturing sector with a green future? Will India’s R&D in clean technologies be sought for by the developed nations?

I am only a car enthusiast at the best not a green car advisor.

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