Terrorism: Ratan Tata vs. P Chidambaram

As reported in Times of India, Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Sons announced to set up his own anti-terror mechanism: “We will now look at anti-terrorism or protection of our assets and our people ourselves and we will try to create a deterrent.” Is Mr. Tata trying to take over the task that is the responsibility of the state and central governments through its various agencies? Will the government permit that? Did Mr. Tata express his plan after a careful thought or sufficient consultation? Will it be limited to making Tata’s establishments safer through technical inputs and designs? Will other private companies follow the Tata’s ideas? I wish the government sit with the private players including Tata to understand their views and their contributions in abating the terrorism.

It is interesting that Mr. Chidambaram has already expressed his views against anti-Naxalite group ‘Salwa Judum’ in Chhattisgarh, and said, “Law and order and law enforcement is the responsibility of the state government… we do not approve of non-state actors taking over the responsibility.”

Under the shadow of Mumbai menace, the new home minister has already got two new bills on a separate agency and tighter anti-terror law through the parliament to fight terrorism almost unanimously. After many years such unanimity has been seen. However, is it not surprising that the proposer of the bill against terrorists have carefully avoided the word ‘terrorist in naming the bill? It is named the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) unlike POTA. The new bill has a signature of UPA. I don’t know if it has come because of the Lalu and Rambilash, or it reflects the way Congress works.

I don’t know how far the bills will deter the terrorists. But it is certainly going to improve the image of the government that has started working overtime in top gear after Chidambaram took over of the home ministry.

I wish the government considers Mr. Tata’s idea as complimentary to the government actions and responsibility. If the government can use the resources of private sectors to successfully solve this global menace, it will be an unique model for the world to follow.

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