Mamta! Please Spare ‘Nano’

I was myself against Tata Motors using fertile Singur land of the marginal farmers for setting up the manufacturing plant for Nano, a car that if prudently produced and distributed can bring about a revolutionary change in manufacturing sector of the country. I was also skeptical, with all my experiences of working in an automobile firm itself, about the cooperation of the unions of West Bengal that is essential for getting a global scale plant operate at the best productivity level. However, once the West Bengal government has agreed with the decision on location, the project must go on with full speed. The plant must get the machinery and equipment commissioned, workers trained, start production fast and put Nano in market. All the technocrats and managers of the country appeal to Mamta for giving up her protest now and stop her men to do anything that further delays the start of production. Let us see if Leftist unions resist the temptation of creating problems for the project.
Mamtaji! Tata Motors have many other challenges to face with increasing inflation and the input cost to make the car that Tata has promised at $2500 to the world. Most of the competitions from all over the world are looking at Tata Motors and doubting its capability to make it. An article, ‘The Nano: Tata’s Costly Promise‘ in the latest issue of Business Week has raised the same doubt. The engineers of Tata Motors have taken a task to prove that Indians too can innovate and create a world-class product that others can envy. All of us must consider ourselves a stakeholder in the project and provide the moral support if not anything else.

Nano is small and rugged enough for rural India. It will help the aspirations of many getting realized with fuel efficiency of 23 kms or more for a litre of gasoline. I find many farming families with better yield and minimum support price of the produce can afford it. What can be a better offer? As reported, the demand already is already outpacing the potential supply expected from the plant. Engineers and manager of Tata Motors, as promised are working overtime using all means at their disposal to innovate ways to produce Nano at the promised price.

And that is the reason of my earnest appeal to Mamta. Her political gain through these protests and demoralizing effects of the management staffs working on the project will be just meager compared to the huge loss the nation and not the company will have, if the project doesn’t succeed. And time is a great factor today for that. Very soon the competitors including Bajaj and Renault tie-up are also coming out with the competing products. West Bengal will loose second chance of being a major player in auto industry.
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