My Expectations from Bihar’s Biggest Three

Let me clarify that this is entirely my own list of biggest three that I came out with the information from my friends and media reports. And one shouldn’t feel bad about it rather should excuse me as I have remained out of the state for most of my life so I hardly understand the intricacies of the built-in politics of the state.

One thing that is common to the three is their IPS background and to me it means discipline and certain aspect of honesty. All three suffered from the ruling class because of their forthright approach to the responsibility entrusted to them.
Initially I had suggested Nitish government through media to bring in some tough outsiders such as Kiran Bedi or Gill to overcome the caste-biased politics and influences in Bihar to improve upon the horrible law and order situation that he inherited. But perhaps Nitish was right in selecting the police head from the insiders. To some extent, he has succeeded in repairing the image of the state and in improving the law and order situation related to kidnapping industry that some say flourished in Bihar because of political patronage.

And today I am really happy to know that DN Gautam has got into the chair heading the police in Bihar. With all his records of toughness towards the political dons without fearing the consequences from political bosses, he appears to be the best choice. I wish him a great success, more so I wish he establishes and leaves behind a system that makes the perception of the Bihar police as lastingly efficient and effective. Gautam would have conceived a game plan in his mind over the years of working experiences in the state to get the things right for the state that he would carry out when he himself occupies the chair. He must execute and complete the same during his tenure. It is necessary that the perception about the law and order condition in Bihar get a total positive change in the outsiders who matter, and who wishes to invest in business in Bihar. Can Gautam make the police responsive and people-friendly? Can he get rid of the immense influence of the middlemen in the department? Can he involve the community at grassroots level, particularly in rural Bihar, to establish peace and orderliness?

I know Kishore Kunal of Mahavir temple fame for his great contribution to the religious establishments and healthcare. I consider his unique endeavours to get Dalits as head priest in temples of Bihar as path breaking and socially very much contemporary and necessary. I wish he could get a good primary school, a trade training centre and yoga teaching facility attached with each temple all over rural Bihar. With lack of modern healthcare infrastructure and mechanization of farming that has taken out the physical work to a great extent from the men and women in villages, Bihar needs the spread of yoga in rural regions badly and so it needs building of skills to get a respectful employment. As I came to know of his interest in establishing super specialty hospitals, I wish he could get one in every district headquarter of the state. I am sure he can market his mission among the business houses and NRIs interested in doing so.

Abhayanand has become a legendary figure because of his Super 30 model that has attained 100 percent hit in IIT-JEE this year. As I understand from media, he has a wonderful plan to do something similar specially for the minority community that has historically remained under-priviledged and deprived. It is unfortunate that the quest for IITs and IIMs has overshadowed all the education goals of the parents and the students in the state and the country. They hardly know that it is the excellence in education that matters even for much coveted IT industry. A student can pursue any subject, but must attain excellence in it. Interestingly, some highly positioned employees of Microsoft India have English language as their domain knowledge. The domain knowledge may relate to physics, mathematics, chemistry, or anything else. An excellence can make the student equivalent to any IITian in today’s business world. They can very well understand that, as a graduate degree in any such subject is the minimum educational requirement for entrance in IIMs. Many big companies such as Infosys, Wipro, or Satyam take in the good graduates with many subjects other than engineering. However, besides the subject of graduation, the student must develop a good capability for communications in English and know computer operation as tools. Can Abhayanand ji spread this among the student and teachers community of the state?

Unfortunately, the state needs more good colleges at the district and block level, and the earlier philanthropic endeavours from the members of community to establish that, is missing. The state is also failing to attract those business houses that are establishing private educational institutions in the other states. Can Abhyanand, Kishore Kunal or for that matter any other person or group take the task of marketing education potential of Bihar among the prospective investors of the private sector? After all Bihar is feeding many institutes in Southern states and in many part of the world with proportionately large number of students.

Let the three succeed and leave behind a great legacy of their own.

PS: I wish someone could pass on the write-up to them.

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