Entrepreneuring India

I try to think over about my positive outlook towards Indian economy. I love to keep before me the celebrities like Abdul Kalam and CK Prahalad as icons of hope of a prosperous super power India. Kalam did that with ‘India 2020’ and Prahalad has his ‘India @75’. What does sustain my hope? Outlook Business has stories of some entrepreneurs who have successfully created niche companies. Each of the stories is exhilarating. I could never think of these unique business models. Here are the selected few:

SKM Egg Products manufactures egg powder that it exports to 24 countries at a factory, capable of producing 4,600 tonnes a year at Choagapalayam village near Erode in Tamil Nadu. About 40% of its Rs 100 crore revenues (for year ended March 2008) came from Japan, and another 40% from Europe.

Naval Kishore Singh, 73, a former employee of Tata Steel, has used his expertise at catching deadly, poisonous snakes. His income from the venom extraction exceeds Rs 1.2 crore with Christian Medical College, and Bharat Serum as main clients. Interestingly, Singh has no office and operates from a tea stall in Jamshedpur.

Narayana Peesapaty sold his flat to get into a business of producing edible cutlery using sorghum as base and vegetable pulp-spinach, beetroot and carrot to add color and nutritive value. Narayana has applied for process patent, and dreaming big. He is also developing an edible plate that can go well with a pizza. It will be something like those ice-cream cones.

Sandip Taware’s Bhagirathi Hatcheries is one of the estimated 1,000 emu-farms that produce about 33,000 tonnes of emu-meat in India. Emus are Australian birds, and its meat, as claimed, is healthier. Interestingly, India produces 1.9 million tonnes of chicken meat every year. Is it not a great story of enterprising Indians? Could one think of such an enterprise few years ago?

Central Parking Services with its 1200 employees and annual revenue of RS 45 crore in 2007-08 provides parking management solutions: designs car parks, installs equipment and manages them.

Acme Tele Power Ltd of Manoj Kumar Upadhyaya, http://www.acmetelepower.com/ an electronics engineer from Shahjahanpur’s government polytechnic, is now a company with Rs 1,800 crore revenues for 2007-08 with presence in 17 countries with already secured seven patents (additional 14 pending approval) in energy management solutions.

Appachi Cotton based in Pallachi, Tamil Nadu presently with revenue of Rs 30 crore aims to strike big through organic textiles route. It has been growing organic cotton through contract farming over 400 acres in Karnataka that is likely to increase to 1,000 acres in next two years.

KAM-Avida Enviro Engineers, a now a Rs 25 crore company, makes and maintains sewage drain cleaning equipment and in the next three to four years will have four lines of business: drain cleaning equipment, compacting garbage disposal trucks, industrial vacuuming machines and street sweepers.

Sunny Water Sports, http://sunnywatersports.com/Default.asp an Rs 5 crore manufacturer of boats, has now more than 110 types of boats to offer, and became the first local manufacturer of two storeyed luxury boats two years ago. Cost arbitrage apart, Sunny Water Sports has been able to keep its client satisfied on quality standards and timely delivery.

Many young men and women in the country are trying to put their ideas in to business enterprises and even don’t hesitate to quit good jobs for the same. . Finance is not very difficult for these successful startups with many venture capital firms looking for good businesses to invest in. And many successful celebrities such as Nandan Nilekani find pleasure in encouraging them.

It is this entrepreneuring India that will change the face of India and bring it in the league of prosperous nations.

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