Intellectuals Share Dreams

As per the dream of C K Prahalad, India can have by 2022 the world’s largest pool of trained manpower (500 million skilled workers), 30 companies in the Fortune 100 list, 10 per cent of world trade (current share 1.5 per cent) and 10 Nobel Prize winners (4 in last 100 years). Coimbatore Krishnarao Prahalad, the guru of post-modern management was sharing his vision or dream extraordinary for India @ 75 with 700 members of the Confederation of Indian Industry that included many bureaucrats too.

Prahalad had deliberately kept the means of getting there out so that the focus could be kept on the goals. According to Prahalad, even in the current circumstances, the probability of meeting the targets was high. CII has adopted the vision. Let us see what CII does to make it happen.

Problems to reach at the goal may not be insurmountable. However, some consider “such dream-weaving may help to boost the egos of non-resident Indians, but doesn’t square up with the situation on the ground.”

I had heard of only the Chinese setting similar targets. China had announced its target about the number of companies in Fortune 500 list, and the number of universities in the list of the best universities of the world. Prahalad may appear to be over enthusiast. But there is nothing wrong with that. I couldn’t understand why Prahalad didn’t give target for the number for the global class educational institutes. I would have preferred one another areas where India already leads. CII and FICCI must also set a target for winning Deming Prizes for its members.

It was the saint Kamaal Kalam’s prescription for a developed India 2020 that made many Indians dream. And he had a logic that he expressed recently, while delivering the first convocation address of Ravenshaw University. “Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts into action and with knowledge all problems would be defeated and goals achieved.”

I came across some local dreamers too. Narendra Modi has a dream for the most prosperous Gujarat ahead of Punjab and Southern states. Even Nitish Kumar talks about his dream about a developed Bihar. “During a visit of the former President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, we had promised to develop Bihar by 2020. However, now we are shooting for 2015.” The Chief Minister hoping to turn Patna into the Bangalore of the East.

I wish the politicians don’t play politics with these dreams too and really work to get them realized so that the history remembers them.

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