China -Friend or Foe

Chinese on Top

Time and again, some news in the media takes me back down the memory lane to 1962. The nation was under a shock. We didn’t have our Diwali. The Chinese had betrayed India, invaded it, defeated it, and more than that humiliated it. The land of Budhha and Ashoka was caught napping. Unfortunately, India didn’t rise to the occasion even thereafter. With some wins in the skirmishes with Pakistan and then on eastern end, Indians were made to believe that the defence forces have done great job. Basically, it didn’t have the right leadership required and nothing much happened on the front of national economy to be a great power.

Over the period, it has been very difficult to forget the onslaught of China and the helplessness of India of 1962. India perhaps because of its democracy and the divergent views of politicians can’t compete with China’s might. Rather China may weaken India to any extent with lefts in the country to lobby for it. Recent development in Nuclear Deal is an example. The preference for survival for few months made the government follow the leftists’ line and let the deal almost die.

India may keep on spending huge sum on defence with not much effectiveness, as all its neighbours are against the rise of India. The expenditure hardly serves any purpose with much superior might of Chinese forces. Perhaps some alliance with US or a close-knit diplomatic grouping would have provided some solution, but the leftists will not allow that to happen in name of sovereignty. If the neighbours bordering with India would have been friendly, the task of facing China would have been easier, but Indian diplomacy has failed to achieve that.

Many of the Chinese actions against India are suspicious. Why is China planning to extend the railways to the Nepal border rather up to Kathmandu itself? Is the trade with Nepal so important or is there some naïve intention? Himlayas has created the northern part of India between Vindhyachal and its own ranges. Can one day China if it so wishes bring the end of it? Can China one day stop the water flow of Brhmaputra of the North- east?

Why should China mount attacks on Indian websites? As reported, over the past one and a half years, China has mounted almost daily attacks on Indian computer networks, both government and private, showing its intent and capability.

Why does China pronounce that Tibet group in India has Qaida links? Why should China keep on investing on deep and long range N-sub and which country other than US or India is the target? What are China’s intentions?

China will keep on challenging India on all fronts from piracy of its products such as Bajaj’s Pulsar toTata’s Nano. It will chase India’s IT supremacy or for that matter all the sectors where India is stronger such as pharmacy. In its latest issue, Business Week published a report ‘In India, Death to Global Business’. The story presents a grim picture. Who must be the happiest with the development? It is only the ghost of Mao and China that must be happy with the situation. Unfortunately, Indian government of any political alliance wishes to sleep over the issue and waits and wishes for the time to solve the fire.

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