Projects that make me proud

I get delighted to read and know about the great projects that bring about a major change in improving the quality of life and will take us in the league of the developed countries of the world. Two recently announced projects come under that category.

First is Delhi Metro’s Airport Express Link. With a dedicated fast track, that will take commuters from New Delhi Railway Station to IGI in 20 minutes flat speeding at 135 kmph. It will also have check-in facilities too at the railway station where the travelers abroad will be taking the train. What a great thing to dream of the day! IGI will be in line with or better than many international airports. After reaching IGI station, the people can straight walk to the terminal’s lobby. DMRC promises that the new service should be operational by July 2010. It will be on the lines of Heathrow Express, London and Narita Express at Tokyo. The total cost is estimated at Rs 3,800 crore. With personal experience of Heathrow and Narita, the DMRC project becomes more exciting for me. And with DMRC’s record of completion of all its projects before the schedule time, I am confident about having it in place in time.

Second is Ganga Expressway Project of Mayawati running across Uttar Pradesh from east (Ballia) to west (Noida). Jai Prakash Associates Limited, as expected, has bagged the contract with its lowest bid of Rs 29,355 crore. In a one-page ad in the national print media with a prayer to Ganga, Jai Prakash Associates vows to complete this 8-lane, 1047- km Expressway in the next three years. The expressway will certainly lead to massive development all along the river and will connect the backward eastern region. As economists say the region through which the expressway passes, gets the per capita income of the people there improved considerably and automatically.

Let me confess I am not a fan of Mayawati rather I hate her brand of politics. However, I appreciate her developmental projects. She initiated Taj Expressway to connect Agra with Noida, and also some flyovers in Noida in 2003 when she headed BJP-BSP coalition. Unfortunately, Mulayam stalled it. I wish JP Associates completed the Taj Express project as soon as possible. It would have given confidence to the people. Interestingly, it was JP Associates who completed Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. And as some in Noida associated with the project claimed while the Expressway was in making, the lady used to get Rs 1 crore in cash every week. Is the Ganga Expressway being expedited to accumulate the money required to reach the highest chair of the country in New Delhi?

However, it hardly concerns me if the project gets completed in time and the quality of work is maintained to the world-class standard. The three expressways running through the UP, beside Ganga expressway will include East-West Corridor, and Golden Quadrilateral. It will mean a great excitement for the motoring population and prosperity for the state.

It can happen only if Myawati could win over the protests of the opposition parties, making forcible acquisition of agricultural land as issue that had avowed to continue the agitation till the project is withdrawn.

Will it have a fate of Buddha’s Nandigram?

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