Emma at Best

One night, after returning to US, Anand started chatting from his office. He informed that he and Shannon had settled down but not Emma. She was still having a hangover of the long flight. I got disturbed, worried and couldn’t sleep well. That is one reason that I don’t take phone before going to bed.

Yamuna tells that the kids do also develop affinity. Emma is only 6 months old, but she must be missing us as she used to spend a lot of time with us. Emma too must be missing us. Yamuna used to feed milk and make her sleep in her own patent-able way.

Emma had been entertaining us rather she entertained everyone whom she met. Unknown people used to request us to give her in their lap for few minutes. With age now we can’t exert much to play with her. But still, her nearness to us was something we enjoyed and remember for the rest of the life. We could never get the chance to see and be with others, I mean Keshav, Anvita and Svanik at the age of Emma. Here are some of moods:

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