Their Dreams, My Dream

Three Delhi finalists-Sanjiv Kaura, 42 Aseem puri, 28 and Satyam Darmora, 27- of ‘Lead India’ initiative of Time of India have a dream of their own:

Sanjiv Kaura:
I have a dream… a dream of removing poverty in India. But that is only one half of my dream. If all the women and men in India are prosperous, I will be happy but only partially. My dream will be complete only if the removal of poverty is accompanied by the creation of an enlightened and humane society.

Aseem Puri:
I have a dream… to see no child sleeps hungry, to ensure that every glass of water in India is safe, that no Indian is deprived of a doctor when s/he needs one, that each person in the country gets a level of basic hygiene, lives in a house s/he can call home and is given a chance to earn a respectable living.

Satyam Darmora:
My dream is… to see an India that is better than china in manufacturing, better than Italy in fashion and better than USA in quality of life. I wish to se an India where Ferrari is made in Faridabad, Harley Davidson in Hardwar and Boeing in Bokaro- an India that is socially developed and also an economic superpower.

Let me tell Satyam I do feel one day Harley Davidson or a better product may come out of Bajaj Plant in Hardwar, and Boeing like aircrafts will get produced from HAL, Bangalore, and let Ferrari wait some more time.

I have a dream too and I keep on writing about my dream. I wish India developed itself in a way that becomes a benchmark for all other countries and its people. The people of other countries including those of the developed ones begin to envy India in every field of activities. Can it happen? Certainly it can if the people start dreaming and working real hard to see their dreams realized.

But I have another dream. I expect Arun Jaitley and Renuka Chowdhury who were among the juries, to convey the dreams of these young men to their political bosses. Let the politicians not go on killing the dreams of the younger India. Let them use the talent and ideas of young India in building this nation fast enough. Let the opinions of these men and women on certain critical national issues such as Nuclear Deal or essential reforms for the economic growth be respected. Let us not keep on missing the buses every time one opportunity comes for one reason (read excuse) or the other. The Gen Next may not tolerate it for very long.

But I do also wonder if ‘Lead India’ too is becoming another ‘Idol India’ or ‘Biswavijeta’ shows. I wish I were wrong. And all these young men and women contribute effectively by implementing their ideas.
Will my readers start dreaming and share some of their dreams that are related to the country we are proud of?

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