Noida Authority! Who authorizes to waste taxpayers’ money?

Noida Authority (NA) had been constructing a service lane along both the sides of the main road connecting Choura Mor to Dadri Road for last few months or perhaps a year causing inconvenience to all those who use the road regularly. Particularly senior citizens use the road to go to the nearby markets in Sector 50 and Sector 41Block C. I thought it would take some more months as a number of electrical installations, including poles and transformers are yet to be relocated. One day I saw the work getting expedited. I thought it for the new CEO. It got a bitumen layer overnight. And then I got the shock of my life when my friend Arora said that the service lane project has been completed and perhaps paid too. How can Noida Authority pay to contractor for job not completed or half done besides its shoddiness and other quality drawbacks? It will not last even a single rain.

Many of the residents including myself feel that the service lane will not serve any useful purpose. We don’t understand for whom the service lane has been built. With the gates of the sector 41 remaining closed, the residents can’t use it to come on the main road or get into the sector.

Water will accumulate on the service lane as shown in photograph above taken after a rain, as it has no proper drain incorporated along it. Rather it will become a water stream with drains of the main road and from the residences on the side discharging its water to it. The accumulated water may affect even the foundation of the houses near it. My advocate friend has already sent a notice to the CEO, NA, as one of his walls has got a crack. The contractor has dug and removed earth right up to the wall as shown in photograph given below and sold that.

I am sure NA must be undertaking a project such as this one that must have cost estimate of more than 15-20 lakes after fixing the purpose of the project and discussing the same with people whom it serves. The project engineers and the chief engineer must be having the due survey, design, and evaluation. During the execution of the project some engineers must be inspecting the quality of work and then giving the completion certificate for the payment. It is strange that Noida that must be the homes of some of the best engineers and managers of the country if not of the world, has to face such a problem that are common in our villages because of the ignorance of the users. If NA so desires it can use the services of many a retired persons even free of cost to get such a project executed properly if it so wishes and if the officers with vested interest permit that to happen. So is my question. Why can’t Noida Authority take the technically active people of the affected areas in confidence before designing and building such roads?

Some of my friends think that all the projects such as this service lanes are initiated by some builders who get elected in executed bodies of RWAs, officers in NA get the projects approved and the kitty of the commission is shared. The group hardly bothers about the aspects of benefits to the residents.

There are transformers, electric control boxes, and sewerage exhaust chimneys right on this service lane. Many a stretches are not done at all. Some of the photographs below are indicative. The same is the case with the footpath. People because of its design can hardly use it.

I appeal and request some representative of media as well as some officers deputed by the CEO of NA to go along these service lane at least once, see if what I have pointed out is right, make all the changes necessary and see that it becomes useful. Otherwise, the service lane and the footpath created nearby are serving the good purpose of disposal yards for refuges and defecation of the human beings, cattle and pets of all kinds and creating the breeding ground for the insects and flies for impending epidemics instead of aiding to making Noida Green and Clean.

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