Indian Public and Cause-based Protests

The media report and the public opinion about the left placing its ideology above the country’s interest raise some questions about our democracy and our people.

As reported by most of the national newspapers, the majority of the readers from the masses and intellectuals writing in media want the Indo-US Nuclear to go in fast track. But Leftists wish to sabotage the deal and the damage has already been made.

TOI reports that 92% of the netizens on its website are of opinion that ‘Congress should drop left for the nation’s good.’

Opinion polls reported in TOI are interesting. Kolkata and Kochi, both in the states ruled by the Left, are more strongly with the government and against the Left than any other cities. Support for the deal was at 64% in Kolkata and 65% in Kochi, well above the eight-city average.

Surprisingly, some of the old timers in the leftists, such as Subhas Chakroborty have also talked openly against the misadventure of the Karat-Yachuri alliance against the country. Subhas has been reported saying ‘it’ll be “idiotic” to pull the plug over differences on the Indo-US nuclear deal. Those who are in charge of our party talk big. But they don’t have to share the consequences.’

I wonder when the politically active public quite in large number is against the leftists, why don’t it come out to protest on roads or resort to some innovative methods to show its resentment and displeasure about the leftists’ ideological moves that are against the interest of the country? Are they afraid of a bigger counter protests organized by the official groups of leftists, who are masters in organizing that even on the slightest pretext?

Why can’t the media that can take up some cause like Jessica Lal’s case so vociferously and innovated many ways to highlight the issue, come out in the same way for this cause of N-Deal, if it is so critical for the future of the country?

BJP is opposing the deal, as it didn’t get a chance to take the credit of the deal and it is pleased to see the government falling before its due time not because of it but in spite of it. However, its opposition to Indo-US nuclear deal will prove costly on long run. The party has hardly any future with so much of inner fighting. And even its well-wishers, who were having some sympathy or weakness for it, are getting disenchanted. Why is the political class out to play party-pooper?

However, both these parties- CPM and BJP are cadre based ones. And the cadres consist of mostly opportunists and hooligans. Only party that will get the best out of the fall of the government will be BSP. The country and its people must be ready to welcome Mayawati as PM and the queen of this country in near future. And unfortunately, she has only this single agenda for her party of the ignorants. How can a person otherwise think of erecting massive memorials of her mentor Kansiram, shadowing those of even the father of nation in Delhi and in every district headquarters? What is the message she wishes to give to the people of the country?

Why have people in general stopped protesting against unjustified moves of the political parties that I used to see quite often in good old days?

I never thought of coming back on the political issue so often, but today I couldn’t resist myself. Any deficiency in system hurts me. I feel like protesting against that. One such instance that came to my mind is the number of days the Supreme Court’s bail order for Sanjay Dutta has taken to reach Yerwada jail. Have you noticed this? Is it justified today in a country that expects to be a great IT and knowledge power? Should the people not protest this?

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