Indo-US N- deal: National Interest vs. Ideology

Manmohan Singh government is suddenly in crisis. Leftists have given its warning to stop going any further on nuclear deal with US or face the consequences. The lack of political consensus on nuclear deal with US has already done the damage. Many feel Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi would have been in better position if they had been in constant dialogue with BJP, shaking off their ego, on this issue. How can the other nation take India seriously when its government is facing such a crisis because of the ideology of leftists on whom Sonia depended to run the government and opportunistic maneuvers of the main opposition party that had initiated the breakthrough in Indo-US relations? Even a new government after election, if held, will find it almost impossible to go ahead with the deal unless the electorate brings back Congress and its allies in power in clear majority, which is doubtful. Manmohan and his team certainly did a creditable work to get the deal in place and they deserve credit too. The scientists’ community is for the deal agreed and so are the heads, present and past of Atomic Energy Agency.

The media are agog with the negativity of leftists with many self-explaining headlines: ‘The government appeals to the leftists for not taking any precipating action, but to hear to it on N-deal’. ‘Experts say, left is helping China, and Pakistan’. ‘China is already miffed as India goes ahead with strengthening ties with Japan, Australia, and US’. ‘Experts are against calling off deal as it will isolate India globally’, and if we go by them, ‘the deal is essential to counter China’s might in Asia’. ‘India’s credibility will take big hit if deal is nuked. Interlocutors will have no faith, knowing govt can’t defend pact at home.’ Many columnists have come out with the real story behind the leftists’ insistence to damage the deal. Many claim that the leftists are helping China and Pakistan who would be the happiest if the deal drowns in turbulent political water of India. Let us see what the lead articles of Hindustan Times and Times of India on August 21, 2007, says:

“It is not without significance that the vigorous campaign of the Left parties against the Indo-US agreement and against the growing strategic interactions between India and the US has coincided with the beginning of the Chinese campaign against the so-called ‘quadrilateral strategic interaction’ involving India, Japan, the US and Australia, and the naval exercise with the additional involvement of the Singapore Navy.”- From “The Manchurian candidates” by B.Raman in Hindustan Times

” Sections of the government believe that the Left’s campaign against the Indo-US nuclear deal is inspired by Beijing. China is reportedly unsettled by India’s growing strategic ties with the US and next month’s planned joint naval exercise with the US, Australia, Japan and Singapore in the Bay of Bengal. The Chinese sent a demarche to all participants wanting to know the nature of the exercises. When the Left raised the ante on the Indo-US pact, the Chinese media reported and commented on the events; this was considered a first because the Chinese media hardly ever focuses on India. – Chinese whispers by Rajiv Desai in Times of India

According to all the polls by media, more than 90% of the responses from the people are favouring the deal. How can the politicians or more correctly parliamentarians be so away from the people?
Leftists are anti-America since ages. To many, and me leftists today are nearer to China rather than India. They have been against many national movements in pre-independence era too. The biggest danger today to the nation is from Maoists or Naxals, who work on ideologies evolved from the one of the same leftists. In communists’ states, the Chinese are winning the projects and getting the foothold, even though their quality and efficiency of the equipment are under suspicion.

Let us decide about the first thing first. Between the ideology and national interest, what must come first? Naturally the national interest. But for the leftists, the single reason to oppose nuclear deal is that it will bring India nearer to US. Leftists don’t want that, China does not want that to happen. A close US-India relation will affect China’s bigger game plan to rule the world.

Is there any other alternative today but to go nearer to US through this deal, when all the developed nations including Russia and China are doing that? Will the other nuclear nations be of any significant assistance to India in nuclear programme if US doesn’t sponsor India’s case? Is India strong enough as China is, to stand on its own? Do leftist want India to move nearer to China? Will it be in national interest when we know that China is already surrounding India with its unethical friendship moves and gestures with India’s neighbours? China has all along been supporting and encouraging Pakistan. It is even facilitating the anti-Indian feelings to spread in Myanmar, Bangla Desh and Nepal. It is dumping its goods in the Asian market. It is alluring all the Asian countries by increasing bilateral trades and African countries by aids. It is going after procuring all the energy resources all over the world.

Congress would have understood Leftists before it formed the government with its support. However, as it seems the honeymoon is over. If leftists are equally concerned about the interest of the nation, I and many like me, will not be able to appreciate the leftists move to press for abandoning the nuclear deal that provides an opportunity to remove many years of isolation from the scientific community of the advanced nations. I am sure beside the political aspect of the deal an in-depth study of the legal, scientific and long-term foreign policy aspects require the help from the experts on the subject. Why can’t leftists agree to go by the advices of such a group instead of getting the future of the country decided by a group of people who are essentially politicians who are considered people of below average intelligence by many studies?

As it appear the country is going to have another mid-term poll. The composition of the parliament even after the election will produce only an equally vulnerable government. But will the two national political parties be united in unmasking the real face of leftists who are holding the nation away from becoming a developed nation faster? Leftists as well as regional political parties with local agenda are to go out of the scene or transform significantly. The sooner the people of India realize this, the better it will be for the nation.

Let God save India from leftists, as they don’t believe in God.

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