Pilgrimage – Some Experiences

We are back after almost 10 days and for all these days I have not written any thing. But naturally, while I was moving along visiting places of religious pilgrimage, and some times the places of historical importance, my mind was very active. I shared some of my views with my brother Ashok, his wife, Bibha and Yamuna and now I shall like to write about at least some.

Why is the government of India so indifferent in doing something to keep these places clean and tidy so that the religious tourists who are the aam aadmi in majority can have feel of an healthy safe ambience in these places? Is it because the government tries to prove itself secular by allowing the religious leaders, priests, and pandas do whatever they wish to do to exploit the common illiterate millions of India? Why can’t the departments of tourism of the state and centre provide at least good clean toilets and some eateries that provide healthy food and water? ‘Bhent Dwarka’ is considered as the residential portion of Dwarkadhish Krishna with temples or residences dedicated to all His major queens and a place dedicated as the meeting place of His friend Sudama with Him. It is just filthy infested by unscrupulous pandas telling all sort of stories to the believers, mostly the lowest in the society and persuading them to part with the maximum to get rid of all the sins committed and to get easy access to heavenly abode. At least the leadership of RSS, BJP and VHP, who claim to be the protectors of Hindu religion and culture, the Sankaracharyas, and other religious heads, must do something about it. They must appreciate the requirements of the younger educated, intelligent, and affluent Hindus too who are interested in visiting the places. It will also be financially much more paying to those leaders. Can’t these institutions provide at least some well printed authentic brochures and literature about the places for the pilgrims?

I wish they took these steps before the younger generation that matters gets disenchanted.

During this period, Laluji presented his railway budget too and has become the hero for the turning around the railways with huge profits. I do also congratulate him along with others. But can’t the railway stations be made more ‘aam aadmi’-friendly? How can the old persons go through the steep stairs to go to the different platforms? How do the disabled persons do it? We hear hundreds of the railway stations are getting modernized to world-class standard. Why can the department start with the railway station in NCR that is visited by many foreign visitors? I found the Nizzamuddin Railway Station as one of the filthiest one with almost missing provision for taxis and other public transport.

How long the government and the bureaucrats go on making promises with nothing visible happening on the ground level? Let them come out of the offices and do something positive to change the things to help the people.
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