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Questions on Quality Teaching

There is some commonality in educationists in US as well as in India. They are concerned about the quality of teaching. The Indians are worried about the traditional way of teaching that is based on a disproportionate and unhealthy bias … Continue reading

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Desis Succeed in Videsh

Chidanand Rajghatta in ‘Times of India’ has provided some statistics about the country of origin of US entrepreneurs of start-up companies. It is inspiring and exemplary too for those youngsters who still move to US for further studies and perhaps … Continue reading

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Chinese Crudeness or Cruelty

For a long time I have not written on China vs. India, though I did refer to China for its unique statistics of its progress. Though I am of opinion that both the country would have worked together to get … Continue reading

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Proton, Mitsubishi, and VW

I visited Proton of Malaysia in 90s with my Mitsubishi friend Kaneki. Proton was a showpiece of Malaysia’s pride in Mohatir era. It was something like Maruti Motors, India of those days with a little difference. Proton had its own … Continue reading

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Indian Manufacturing Sector Gets Stronger

National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC) that has come to an inference that only with manufacturing growing 12% or more, India’s GDP can grow above 10% that is a necessity for eliminating poverty from the country in effective manner. Manufacturing growth … Continue reading

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Three Unique Rural Initiatives

IIM-L adopts a village I am happy to find some of my suggestions rather dreams getting realized. Perhaps, there are many enthusiasts thinking alike about the ways of developing the rural India that requires effective means to improve its earnings. … Continue reading

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Ramcharitmanas- a new way to intrepret

Sudheendra Kulkarni, an IITian in an article ‘Ramcharitmanas and Hindu reform’ in Sunday Express’ has some interesting thing to say about the need of certain changes even in Holy Scriptures, if it serves certain purpose. The following lines from Tulsi … Continue reading

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Can International Nalanda University Get Materialized?

There is a proposal of bringing in regional prosperity through a proposal for setting up of ‘Special Tourism Zones’. Restoration of monuments, aesthetic landscaping and upkeep, creation of tourist shopping avenues, village and cottage industries, cultural learning and performing centres, … Continue reading

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India 2010

It all started with the BRICs report. It predicted that India and three others -China, Russia and Brazil – would be giant economic forces in the coming century. Surprisingly, the Indian economy is moving much faster than the BRICs assumed … Continue reading

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8%, 10%, or 13%- What’s India’s GDP Growth Rate?<

Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar in his usual column in Sunday Times of India referred to the arguments of Professor Arvind Panagariya of Columbia University that in dollar terms India is having a growth of 13% in is GDP annually. However, … Continue reading

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