Why Are My Expectations Flying?

Seeing other states that have already established their lead in development race, I keep on writing some of my ideas about a fast track progress plan for Bihar. I don’t know if others do also agree with this. But the feedback tells me that many agree with my suggestions. One such recently sent to CM and deputy CM is as follows:

Can DGP Abhayanand with his immense interest in education as apparent from his work through Super 30 institute be given a major role to make the education in Bihar its mainstay? Can Abhayanand try to have one primary school in each of the police station manned by the staffs and officers there? I hope that will make them more responsible, clean and efficient. Can this idea be given a trial?

Can DM of each district be encouraged to be its PM as advised by the CM? Each DM can create an education hub in the headquarter of his district in a large enough campus with at least one Science College, a Foreign Language School, one ITI, one Engineering College, one Nursing School, if not Medical College, and five high schools (class VII-XII) sharing some common facilities such as laboratories, auditorium and playground. Can DM and SP actively facilitate the execution of the national projects such as Bharat Nirman or Sarv Shiksha Aviyan in their districts?

Can the education system drop its pass courses at graduation level? Let all deserving students go for an honours course making them really knowledgeable in the subjects. Others must go for professional courses and skill development in polytechnics and trade schools.

Can the school education up to Class XII be affiliated to single curricula of CBSE by abolishing state boards and redeploying its employees in other areas such as health?

Can the CM provide all the incentives to bring in extensions of IIT, Kanpur or Delhi in Patna? Can the three engineering colleges in Patna, Muzaffarpur, and Bhagalpur be upgraded with the curricula and standard of IITs or affiliated to some reputed foreign universities, and drop all teachers that are dead woods?

Can each NRI Bihari wishing to help its root adopt his village primary school or start a trade school to see that all those who don’t go for higher education get trained in some skills?

Can the education department prepare a book ’10 Great Sons of Bihar or BiharRatna’ giving the life stories of Mahavir, Chanakya, Ashoka, Vidyapati, Shershah, Veer Kunwar Singh, Dr.Rajendra Prasad, Jagjivan Ram, JP Narayan, and Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’?

Can the state administration start a reward for the DM and SP of the five best performing districts based on measurable and transparent criteria?

Can the teachers in colleges, particularly of science and professional colleges be awarded special cash prizes for papers published in reputed journals and research work? Can the government announce and ensure those who get selected to IITs, BITS, and NITs would be paid scholarships amount good enough to take care of their essential expenditure?

Can the CM organize a grand conference of the men of all panchayats in the state and invite the President, MS Swaminathan, Kurien, Guru Ramdev and some other non-political personalities to talk to them to enthuse and involve them in the process of rural development? Can CM get at least four or five urban centers in different parts of the state developed as hubs of development with all infrastructure including an airport?

Can the Deputy CM take an initiative to start all the closed mills by providing all the assistance possible and in cases of unscrupulous owners by forcing them? Can the CM assure of the strictest actions against the ‘rangadari’ system?

Can the new management Guru Laluji get the railway axle project at Siwan in operation and Patna Railway Station to a world-class standard as promised before he goes out of railway ministry?

Can Shri Ram Vilasji get some pharma companies set up some herbal based units in Bihar or can M/m Meira Kumar get Sasaram some respectable infrastructure suitable to its history to get some tourists and related benefits for her constituency?

Can the CM initiate the celebration of a Bihar Day once a year where all the achievers are rewarded publicly?

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