Let Us Pray The MOTHER

Many times, I wonder why in all world religions, the Supreme has been considered as male and even all the incarnations do also belong to that gender. I wish it would have been the opposite and the world would have been better. One of the Hindi poets whom I love to read even today- Jai Shankar Prasad wrote ‘Nari Tum Kewal Sradhha Ho’ (Woman! You are respect incarnated.’) with a little change ‘Mother! You are Respect incarnated.”. Let me give a prayer of Mother on Mahanavami of Durga Puja that has been written by the great son of Aurvindo who was revolutionary in every respect.

O Mother Durga!
When we possess thee,
We shall no longer
cast thee away;
We shall bind thee to
us with the tie of love
and devotion.
Come, O Mother,
Manifest in our mind
and life and body.
Come, O Revealer of
the hero-path!
We shall no longer
cast Thee away.
May our entire life
become a ceaseless
worship of the Mother,
All our acts a continuous service to the Mother,
Full of love, full of energy.

Sri Aurobindo

Will you like to read, ‘Ancient Hindu Text Preserved by Modern Technology’ By Jeanna Bryner?

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