Potential for Indian Entertainment Sector

Perhaps Indian filmmakers have not explored sufficiently the industry’s potentials for getting into outsourcing business for entertainment sector from developed countries. Animation is one are in which India is doing quite some work. Indian entertainment industry has concentrated on domestic business primarily. However, because of presence of Indian diasporas, Indian films may be making good business in UK, US, and may be in Australia and Mauritius.

Bollywood films are more successful in the UK than its own productions. Nine Indian productions made into top ten and three scooped more than one million pounds at box office last year. 74 Indian films were released in the United Kingdom in 2005, compared to just 61 British productions.

Statistics- How Indians Entertain?

Some 900 movies in a year yielded a cumulative revenue of Rs 7,800 crore in 2005-06 (According too FICII report on entertainment industry) and were shown on estimated12,900 screens , just 328 in highly talked multiplexes.

12,500 single screens in India (1,629 in the US). India currently has 250 multiplexes (US has 1,523).

23 m people watch Indian movies daily (20.03 m in the US)

4 billion tickets of Indian movies sold annually (3 billion in the US). In 2004, the box office collection was $ 1.3 billion in Bollywood ($ 51 billion in Hollywood)

1,050 movies produced annually in India, compared to 250 in the US in 2005

7,000 homes have people meters, tracking TV-viewing habits of families in India (20,000 in the US).

300 television channels in India in 2005 compared to 112 in 2000

108 m homes with television sets in India. It’s the same as in the US. But while India has only 51 per cent TV penetration, the US has 100 per cent TV coverage

2 hrs spent by Indians everyday watching TV compared to 6 hours in the US

Rs 14,800 crore revenue from television in India in 2005

190 number of times the soap opera ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ has bagged the first position, according to TRP ratings, out of 258 weeks till July 26, 2006. Baa, one of the characters, is technically now 104 years old.

From ‘India Today’ Independence Day Issue

The industry has potential for employing huge number of educated and talented youngsters from various skills. And here with its traditions of fine and performing arts, India can become an outsourcing location for many countries.

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