Krishna -An Icon

This one character of Dwapar Era has been a very complex character to understand for many. Krishna with his thousand names has influence over all classes. Perhaps, it is difficult to associate him to a narrow identity such as a caste. His life as all Indian know has been unique. Most will love him but some- say moralists, may even hate him
Let us look at the phases of his life and his deeds;

Childhood- Krishna as kid was very friendly and helpful. He had a lot many friends of both the genders. He is strong and brave. He, even though young in age, kills many giants who were sent to murder him. He did also kill some who used to be a terror such one at Kaliadah in Yamuna. He saves the community from the fury of Indra by raising Gobardhan or taking his clans into some caves at the top of the mountain.

Romantic Youth- Krishna as a young man gets into friendship with many of the girls including one that was married. His tales of romance and music that is symbolized by ‘rash’ as dance and ‘bansi’ (flute) as musical instrument have become example of divine love. Somewhere, it may appear to be even vulgar, but with no intention of harming the consorts.

Exemplary Statesman– Krishna is shrewd, smart, and manipulative. He tolerates the abuses of Shisupal, his own close relative for hundred times, and only after that he kills him in presence of all so that it creates a lesson for others. He sends the whole army to Duryodhan, and remains alone with a condition of not using any weapon for them on Pandava side. And he wins a war for the weaker side by providing the tactical knowledge and information to the Pandavas.

And A Saviour of Humanity- However, the best contribution of Krishna to humanity is what he conveyed through ‘Bhagwad Gita’. There can’t be anything better than that to get a salvation. And today the whole intellectual world all over the globe recognizes that.

But what a natural end! As a commoner, he dies pierced by an arrow of an hunter in a distant forest.

And I was really excited, when I read in ‘The Times of India’ editorial, “He (Krishna) may be said to embody the essence of Indian managerial talent because no matter how adverse the situation he has to deal with he’ll come up with an out-of-the-box solution”.

Yesterday, I was at my advocate friend’s place. As usual, he showed me a piece of writing where he had denounced the relation of Krishna with Radha. It is all up to an individual’s interpretation. One can take positive and the other a negative one for the same.

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