India Towards Sixty: Some Statistics-I (R&D)

India wishes to be a leader in the ‘Knowledge Economy’. But here is the status through some statistics.

Rs 920 gross expenditure on R&D for every citizen (Rs 2,612 in China and Rs 46,751 in the US)

Rs 116 cr royalty and licence fee for patents received by India in 2004 (Japan’s Rs 72,964 cr)

119 R&D researchers per million people in India (China has 663)

Rs 13,200 cr India’s high-tech exports in 2004 (Japan exported worth Rs 5,76,340 cr, China Rs 7,50,842 cr)

231 patents granted to India by the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2001(China got 298)

Rs 14,800 cr exported from the pharmaceutical sector in 2003-04. India ranks fourth in the world, and accounts for 8 percent of world production

3.72 India’s score in innovation (4.74 for China)

11,076 articles in scientific and technical journals published by India in 2001 (20,978 by China)

2.61 India’s score on the World Bank’s Knowledge Assessment Index (4.21 for China)

15 nuclear reactors with an installed capacity of 3,087 MW constitute 2.8 per cent of India’s total energy production (20 per cent in the US, and 78 per cent in France)

2% India’s share of 55 satellites launched between 2001 and 2005, compared to China’s 9%

125 of the Fortune 500 companies have research bases in India (400 in China)

13 the number of successful space launches till now (The US 424 and China 52 (1981-1999)

2,378 biotechnology patent applications were filed in India between 1995 and 2003

Rs 13,250 cr India’s allocation for the Department of Space in the Tenth Five-Year Plan. NASA, by comparison, was allocated Rs 9,52,718 cr in the 2006-07 US Budget alone

32 Internet subscribers for every 1000 people (73 in China). India has only 0.6 broadband subscribers per 100 people (16.5 in China).

From ‘India Today’

India will soon have three more institutes in Kolkata, Pune, and the other in Punjab similar to IISc, Bangalore. However, the education and industry must emphasise on innovations. Only through innovations, India can take a lead.


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