Can We Try Re-education?

As pointed out by a person no less than the imminent Narayana Murthy, there are 5.3 million unemployed graduates in the country.

Another news report says, IT and service sector industries are thinking to relocate abroad because of a skills crunch in India.

McKinsey and Nasscom study also talks of a shortage of 1,50,000 IT workers and 350,000 business process staffs.

Naturally these figures raise certain questions and also demand some solutions to the problem of shortages.

Before appreciating the solutions, you have to work for some questions.

How many men and women in ages up to 40 years you know are graduates, but not employed or may be marginally engaged?

What percentage of these people are interested to undergo some refreshing of their education or re-education to make them usefully employed?

What all they need to learn as students mature in age and may be, in a need for good living?

Industry beside the shortage is also complaining of the increasing demands of the existing workers in the industry. Iteration rates are very high. All these problems can find some solutions in one go even if just 50% of the unemployed graduates are made to re-educate themselves in skills required by the industries such as BPO and other service sectors such as hospitality and retails. If we can raise their self-confidence, the re-education can transform their lives.

I assume a 6 months-1 year of properly designed course will suffice, if the facility and faculty in the reeducation institutes are adequate.

What must be the part of the courses and skill buildup? It must contain:
1.Personality building education- manners, dressing, self presentation, etc
2.Skill in fluent English or another foreign language conversation refined to the level to meet the customers’ requirements
3.Knowledge of computer operation
4.A subject that the person feels himself comfortable with such as say, economics, law, or any other subject that may be useful for employability.

Even the older people can find the reeducation interesting and not very difficult. It will be for an improved quality of life as incentive. Institutes must provide the customized training as required by the enterprises in need of employees.

Who all can do it?

NIIT, Apple, and other smaller players in education can design the interesting and relevant courses. Can’t the government, local bodies, and community provide the reasonable support and incentives? Can’t Nasscom come out with some examinations to ensure the uniformity and its utility to the industry? Can’t the existing college of engineering, sciences, and technologies also initiate these courses?
However, beside the financial incentives, the government must provide the desired level of autonomy too to ensure the quality of education. It may mean some change in rules to make the passing out oldies good employment, such as entry age.

When the longevity of our people has gone up, all the willing population must have opportunity to work effectively with re-education.

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