‘Ban Bitan’- Salt Lake, Kolkata

And Thousands Blooming Roses

I love to go for my morning walk in ‘Ban Bitan’ (part of Central Park) of Salt Lake. With instrumental music on the public address system, it is apleasure to walk. Ban Bitan, as it appears, is equally popular for the people of all ages. Upto 7.30AM, it remains free for the morning walkers- generally elderly groups. Thereafter, one is to pay a small fee. And it becomes popular with the younger groups. The other day, I met an old gentle man who was very critical of the youths coming to the park. Perhaps it is a very typical complaint.

The walking track has been smoothened with bitumen layer. I wonder if it would last with the heavy rain in this place. The artificial water body is another attraction. Some professionals come regularly for fishing. I like to see them and observe their attention at work. But my main attraction is the garden of roses. It is large. The variety and size of the flowers are appealing. Many differently prepared flowers’ beds in different corners of the Park are also nice.

Over the years, I have been seeing this Park. It has evolved and improved. I wish the municipality extended the park futher with certain attractive features and would not have allotted any portion for any concrete construction. As it has developed a park around the statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, it must also develop similar parks around the statues of Kazi Nazrool Islam, the rebellious poet of Bangali and Vivekanand that it has installed.
And these thousand flowers and the freshness of the nature will keep the place unique.
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