Controversial Land Acquisition Bill: Some View

Land Acquisition Bill for fertile agricultural land
1.(A) must restrict the temptation by the entrepreneur to demand adhoc and excessive land for the facility. (B)The facility must explore multi flooring and modular for future expansion. (C)The company must not treat the land as its property to make money in future, as it has happened with closed units that was leased huge amount of land by then government almost free, as it happened with factories of Hindustan Motors.

2.Landownership for infrastructure such as port, road or irrigation canals must for all the time remain with central government with a special police department to eliminate encroachment with strict laws for encroachment.

3. Highways must have plantation only on the dividing spaces of the up and down lanes and not on sides to accommodate future widening without uprooting the trees.

4. Encroachment law must ensure the avoidance of mushrooming of unauthorised structures on government land. Building for an off the road infrastructure of utility must be the part of built in initial design. No filthy future construction along the road on both sides must be part of road planning. This can avoid of building of bypasses again and again after some years and the huge social cost.

5. Rural housing of BPL categories must be on government land and high rising units of two sizes with common quality infrastructure, otherwise it is only creating future eyeshore. Multi storied structures may also result in better social equity and integration. BPL families must be encouraged to plant trees of commercial and own it to provide them some security. All around big metros huge multi-storied dormitories are built with all infrastructure facilities to accommodate flux of migrant workers to avoid mushrooming of shanties and future unauthorised colonies.

6. Vast fowl land on the side of highways should be used for industrial clusters instead of fertile agriculture land. For example, a good use of such land was made to build first IIT in Kharagpur. Tata Motors would have preferred to use that type of land instead of selecting Singur.

I wish many such anomalies are considered to save the nation’s limited fertile land

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रात की तन्हाइ का आनन्द

रात की तन्हाइ में
किताबें कुछ ज़्यादा कह जाती हैं
कवितायें कुछ ज़्यादा
गुनगुनाती हैं,
गुदगुदाती हैं
कहानियां कुछ अपनी बीती
याद दिलाती हैं
अहसास कराती हैं
कुछ ग़लतियों की
जो जीवन बदल
सकती थीं
दर्शन सहज सुगम बन
कुछ राह बदल देता है
सब ओर के सन्नाटे के आलम में
दीवारें, छत, एवं फ़र्स पास
और आ जातीं हैं
बहुत कुछ दर्शाते हैं
अनजानी लकीरों से
परिचित चेहरों में बदल बदल
कुछ याद दिला
जातें हैं
छः दसकों से ज़्यादा का है
यह सिलसिला
हर दिन अभी भी रहता है
रात की तन्हाइ का
कुछ नयी राह पाने का
चलता रहे यह सिलसिला ़़़………

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Swachh Bharat: Some Simple Steps

Swachh Bharat is just one Aviyan that can transform India in many respect changing the perception of all those who live here or come from outside. It will also mean increase in prosperity and creating a brand. For example, if Noida is ranked high as Swachh town, its real estate price will increase significantly compared to other towns. Unfortunately in a recent survey that appeared in ‘India Today’, Noida did not find a place on the parameter of cleanliness, whereas Gurgaon got.

Noida Authority has been pronouncing ‘Green Noida Clean Noida’ for all these years, but nothing sustainable has happened particularly for cleanliness. Open defamation and urination are rampant. Nothing has happened about the menace of stray dogs. Noida Authority has hardly done anything to make villagers to stop their buffaloes, cows and bulls moving in the streets. Similar is the case in other cities too. The other day, I saw buffaloes passing by the road in front of Taj Mahal on TV, when it was showing the preparation for the impending visit of Obama. Fortunately, it did not happen.

The authority responsible for the running the administration of the urban India have hardly shown the will to make it ‘Swachh’. Noida Authority can collaborate with Mother Dairy to construct and maintain a toilet in the premises. Every market complex and big-size parks that are visited by hundreds of persons must have a nice toilet too. For huge population of construction workers and street vendors and other service providers, suitably located toilet complexes must be treated as important and mandatory feature of the township. Noida Authority must aim at encouraging the residents and associations to participate actively to make Noida clean. It can have ranking through a reputed agency for the different sectors for cleanliness. The sector RWA, in turn, can have a competitive system between its blocks. Other establishments such different markets, parks, hospitals, and schools can be involved in the task of keeping Noida clean with ranking systems. Further, Noida Authority can deploy one of its employee out of hundreds to get a feedback on ‘swachhta’ from one sector as an additional responsibility. That can serve the department head concerned to take corrective actions. What is true for Noida is also true for other municipalities, and corporations, and the drive can result in a better Swachh Bharat.

Swachhta starts from cleanliness but it also covers orderliness too. Here are few things that are eye-shores and can be done, some with no additional cost:
1. Is it very difficult to keep all sorts of covers all around us in its place, be it on the electrical panels, water drains or sewerage line, or trash bins?
2. Can we not ban pasting bills campaign or advertising posters anywhere and everywhere? With addresses of the culprit individual or organisation available on it, how easy it is to take punitive action?
3. Can we imagine how much better a market will be if the name boards are of standard design? A good standard signage for any purpose all over a town provides the perception of good planning.
4. Any thing which is lying or has gone obsolete and lost its must be removed and dumped as wastes. A system can be built in the administration for regular removal of those items.
5. Can it not be made responsibility of the person or department to remove the unused materials after the work is completed?

A place must be fixed for everything and it must be seen that the thing is kept in the same place in desired manner. And look at just story what swachhta Aviyan can end into: As reported from Ahmedabad, ‘when the Kendriya Vidyalaya School in the ONGC campus in Chandkheda undertook a cleanliness drive on Saturday, they found Rs 1 crore in cash and 21 gold bars worth Rs 59 lakh.’

Swachh Bharat, Clean Ganga, and Adarsh Gram Yojna can basically be integrated in one. Modi government and all other political parties must work at least on these Aviyans together to present an image of India that will be at the same footing as that of developed countries.All institutions and private companies must put their resources for creating a brand of Clean India. I wish all IAS and IPS officers would have joined the Aviyans in whatever positions they are, for the geographical areas that they control.

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Nitish, Arvind and Mamta

I and many were having a lot of expectations from and big hope in, Nitish Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal and Mamta Banerji when they became chief ministers because of the contemporary and local reasons.

Nitish took the route of allying with the then major opposition party, BJP to win clear cut majority. BJP was good enough to play a subservient role and allowed Nitish to do whatever he liked. I had another weak reason to consider Nitish to be different, as he was engineer by qualification from a good enough institute. Nitish started well, particularly with road construction and law and order that was in shambles by the loot and misgoverance of Lalu and his clan for a long time. Many things improved, but at grassroots nothing changed in Bihar. The bureaucracy remained corrupt from top to the bottom. Many doable steps lost its priority. Corruption and quality of teaching in primary rural school remained where it was or got worse. Things went further downwards after Nitish broke his alliance with BJP and pushed them out. But much before that Nitish had made up his mind to become the only messiah of Bihar. Nitish thought with his yatras he can market himself sufficient enough to win the voters positive and unilateral response for him only. But it did not happen. Modi wave in last general election of 2014 swept him out. Nitish went to join his hands with Lalu and Sonia’s Congress. And then Nitish nominated a character named Manjhi as stop gap chief minister. It proved his flimsy faith in democratic system. But Nitish followed Sonia. If she could nominate PM, why can’t Nitish chose his CM? Nitish lost the great opportunity of lifting the living standard of the people of Bihar. Bihar remains the worst in education and prosperity even after a decade of Nitish control over everything in Bihar. Still today, the maximum number of Biharis go for higher education and special medical care outside the state. One can appreciate the poor condition of higher education in Bihar by one recent report. As reported, India Inc looks today to a large number of smaller towns- Bhubaneswar, Visakhapatnam, Baroda, Raipur, Nagpur…..- to bridge growing skills gap. But none of these are in Bihar. Should not Nitish Kumar take himself as responsible? While the states such as Andhra, Odhisha, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan are moving fast enough to join the league of developed states, Bihar remains at the bottom on every parameters of human development and its political leaders elected by the people are solely responsible for that. The people of Bihar must understand that its leaders, over the years and even today don’t want the grassroots to be better off. Only some goons and mafia members do get better living with such leaders.

Arvind was also a great hope as chief minister from whom I thought Delhi will become a model small state. His fast rise from when Delhi saw him as successful organiser of Anna movement against corruption to the responsibility of chief minister of Delhi, was just wonderful. I, here again, had a special reason for my expectations. Arvind is from IIT, Kharagpur, my own institute. But all that he did including the resignation and the contesting of huge number of parliamentary seats and its results on ground is just a history. I am neither an astrologer not political pundit, and I do not know what all Arvind will achieve in the long life. But I certainly hate his going to Dubai and New York begging for collecting funds from NRIs there just for his forthcoming assembly election for Delhi.

I was in West Bengal during the whole of my professional career in responsible positions of the biggest industrial units of the state when the Leftists took over from Congress and continued for record more than three decades with their misrule that killed all the industries of the state. I was very happy to see Mamta winning the great majority through exemplary perseverance even after many assaults on her by leftists. I knew she was finicky and unreliable. But still somewhere I was praying that she would select a great team and good advisors from the large store of intellectuals from Bengal in various fields to run her government and allow them to run the government rather expecting everyone to follow her dictates. But unfortunately, she has picked all bad tricks of leftists and is making the people at large restive. Her party men are resorting to all sorts of gimmicks as major obstructionists to stop the present government to come out with major reform measures for growth of the country. Bengal will have to wait to see a right change. Modi is the only enemy for Mamta today, and her men in Delhi are doing their best get noticed by her.

All three persons had all the potentials for contributing in great way to the country by taking care of the states they were destined to head. But unfortunately, Nitish, Arvind and Mamta, all failed the people and shirked their responsibility. At least, the first two could have been PM too, but now I think every one will dislike my prophecy. Nitish is again in forefront in a new grouping of all so-called socialist parties with leaders such Mulayam, Lalu, DevGowda and others. I am sure God and Indians at large will save this great country.

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Narendra Modi: Campaign Mission

Modi is campaigning not only for election but for transformation, for change, for inspiring different sector of the community to make India great, developed, prosperous; to make India and its villages swachh (clean), to build India as a manufacturing power. Modi talked to industrialists, to students, to those in ITIs, and ……

I wish Modi to connect to engineering and science students and their teachers too who must shake off their traditional age-old ways and grow as real professionals, innovate products, and make India respected in every branch of science and technologies, grow as globally known great professional scientists and technologists. Let each institute base its entrance on the aptitudes of the individuals rather than based on ranks attained. Let each institute train the future teachers out of the mass of students with the interest in it. Let there be a ranking system and sufficient incentive for improving it. Let all the top 200 institutes be totally autonomous.

I also wish Modi to connect all IAS officers and enthuse them to contribute their best without any fear of getting punished by the state government for political reasons. A Swachh Bharat, clean Ganga, Rurban, housing for all or for that matter all the development projects will be easier to achieve in a time frame, if IAS officers cooperate. How can an authority such as one running the administration of Noida under a number of IAS officers be allowed to be just a den of corruption?

And another group that needs to be talked with are the CEOs and the senior officers of all PSUs. All the PSUs must perform as the most competitive organisations or just perish. None should be allowed to perpetuate its nonperformance. Particularly, the manufacturing ones must grow as global giants and become major exporting units. Can there be a single good reason for the poor performance or death of company such as HMT, BSNL or ITI? Today no company worth a name can survive with protection and on just domestic market. If it is not possible, the government must come out from the business of somehow running them at huge national cost.

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Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana

Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana is the other Modi’s dream that can be a landmark along with Swachh Barat Yojna. Each MP will take the responsibility of developing physical and institutional infrastructure in one village by 2016 and in three villages by 2019. The participation of people will be the basic requirement for its success. It is also likely to have a “viral” effect and development would permeate in other villages also.

With nearly 800 MPs and each developing three villages each, nearly 2,500 villages will be developed. If the states use its MLAs, then India can have 6-7000 more villages as the developed ones.

But what will a village look like after the completion of the Yojna?

1. Will each one be a Swachh one with no open defecation and every household using their toilets?

2. Will every village school be functional providing quality education using if necessary digital means? It will require the plan under digital India to reach these villages? Will a group of interested guardians monitor the working of the schools?

3. Will each of these villages have a primary health care centre with a facility for telemedicine, and an ambulance to cater to their emergency requirement and no delivery without a trained personnel?

4. Will each of these village have a local market and a creativity centre where the locals can produce something after some focused training in skill?

5. Will the village have 100 percent financial inclusion through Jan Dhan Yojna?

6. Will the MP responsible and if necessary, one of his peer be able to spend a night in the villages without any problem of power outages and other essential infrastructure?

I wish all IAS officers with five years of experiences right up to the secretary levels participate in Adarsh Gram Yojna besides the MPs, and should spend six-seven days in villages of India to accelerate the development there.

Even the India Inc must be encouraged to get into adopting one or more villages through their CSR.

Rural India is not going to tolerate any discrimination with the rising aspirations of younger generations.

It appears, India is going the right way.

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Swachch Noida

Today I sent an e-mail to CEO, NA:

Sub: Swachch Noida
Every sector has gone filthier over last 16 years that we are here. As per media report, Noida is going to be a Smart City. NA, I hope. certainly endorses PM Swachha Bharat Yojna. I request you to depute one officer working in NA to monitor the programme in one sector, as extra volunteered assignment. All Senior executive officers must move around rather than be in office. Noida must be clean and green as it was the main logo when I came here.

1. For dismal power, I request you to make the installation of roof top solar system for residence and factories with plug-in facility to electricity distribution ( to get the benefit of power taken by grid to the individual producer, thereby reducing the power bill) as mandatory.

2. All new houses must have integral garage for vehicles with no vehicles on road.

3. All bill boards in the markets must be of uniformly one type and sizes. Those pasting posters and bills in all odd places must be punished.

The waste disposal must be mechanised and removed on daily basis. Why can not we improve the filthy surroundings of all the markets, temples?

4. If we can not eliminate the open defecation and urination from Noida, how can we do that from a slum town or a rural habitation?

5. Let any new building construction not use the road as store for building materials causing filth and inconvenience.

6. Please get grasses planted on all open places. Noida must reduce the generation of dust through design of system. It must ban plastics.

I hope you shall not take this appeal otherwise. You are an IAS and we all wish you to provide the example.

Please acknowledge the letter and respond to my mail. As my credential, I am an IITian of 1961 batch.
I RSharma

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