Snakes in The Ganga

Snakes in The Ganga- A book ‘Snakes in The Ganga’ is in the media, particularly youtube. It takes the names of US Ivy League universities in the US, some highly ranked private universities as well as the names of a few topmost billionaires who have got involved in this vicious task. The Snake Groups are making IITs and IIMs also their target and denounce meritocracy. I, at 83 only wish and request all those in IITs and IIMs and other friends to read or at least watch these videos.Those have Kindle downloaded on laptop or other means, can get the synopsis of these books the kindle app free.

All enlightened and right minded Indians must think about the damaging works of few Americans. All Indians who have decided to settle there must think about this aspect too. Finally, most of them will settle in the US. They must foresee the future of the USA in the next 20-30 years when they will be old like me and their children and grandchildren will have to face the consequences of what America will remain. I can predict, if things alright India by then may be a much more livable place than many countries that are the attractions of our younger generations. 

Snakes in the Ganga unveils uncomfortable truths concerning India’s vulnerabilities: • Intense warfare against India’s integrity is the work of a well-orchestrated global machinery driven by a new ideology. • Marxism has been reincarnated as Critical Race Theory in US academia and serves as the framework to address America’s racism. This has been recklessly mapped on to India:Caste is equated with Race. Marginalized communities of India are considered as Blacks and Brahmins as the Whites of India. Groups claiming grievances (like Muslims and LGBTQ+) are artificially clubbed together. • Popularly called the Woke movement, the mission is to dismantle Indian civilization and heritage by waging an uncompromising war against India’s government, educational institutions, culture, industry, and society. • Harvard University is Ground Zero of these social theories developed in collaboration with Indian scholars, activists, journalists and artists. This represents a clear and present danger to India’s sovereignty and national security.

Launch ‘0f Snakes in Ganga’ Event with Swapan Dasgupta, Sudhanshu Trivedi, Prakash Singh & Anand Narasimhan” 

Tejasvi Surya (MP), R Jaggi(Journalist) & R. Vaidyanathan(Prof of Management) on Snakes in the Ganga” 

I have come across two other books too which have become the top selling books in the USA and present India in bad shape. These books are 

1. The Caste of Merit : Engineering Education in India. by Ajantha Subramanian

2. Caste: The Lies That Divide Us: The International Bestseller by Isabel Wilkerson  (Author)

I pray you can pass on this to all your friends. Any more query, please write to me

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