Today’s Requirement for be world class company

Today every country including the USA and Germany, Japan must take lessons from Elon Musk and Management expert Porter who told the companies to remember the principle of making, growing and then destroying from ancient Hindu philosophy. The companies must get a small pool of technocrats but so many MBAs but engineers with appreciation of designing a cutting edge product, each bit of manufacturing processes and equipment with built-in top quality and about all inputs that go into the product, and keep on destroying the old at all levels. The two individuals from the USA have shown that one is Elon Musk of Tesla and the other is Steeve Jobs and Tim Cook of Apple. They kept the products,processes following the Hindu philosophy or for some who do not like Porter’s input.

Both kept a sharp eye on product design improvement and manufacturing processes of each step in mind. Musk adopted Giga Press and developed special aluminium alloy for integrating body building processes cutting cost at all levels of manufacturing. Everything input in the car is special and unique, adding to engineering marvels. Their 4860 battery and its mass production process are just exemplary. So was done at Apple too.Long back I had gone through their manufacturing mobile phone aluminium cell with high speed machining…

Here are a few u-tubes videos showing the change in the auto sector with Tesla that can’t be bettered or even copied by other competitors of the world.. China May do it but they must have someone like Elon Musk or Steeve Jobs to become one.

I give a challenging task to all global technocrats to develop air conditioners that will not transfer heat from outside to the atmosphere increasing day by day the summer temperature unless something all around development gets executed by all countries with mutual cooperation in sharing technologies rather than making money out of it for a class of population.

Giga Castings with Sandy | Evolution of Tesla Bodies In White”
Model Y teardown
4860 Battery pack

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